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NA-MIC Project Weeks

Welcome to the web page for the 38th Project Week!

This event will take place from January 30 to February 3rd, 2023 in Gran Canaria, Spain.

If you have any questions, you can contact the organizers.

Before Project Week

  1. Register here, it is free!
  2. If you plan to attend in person, register you workshop fee of 400 Euros here.
  3. Attend one or more preparation meetings to present a project you intend to work on at PW, for which you are seeking collaborators or to join one of the projects proposed by others.
  4. Join the Discord server that will be used to communicate with your team during Project Week. Go to this page for more info on the use of Discord during PW.
  5. Consider joining the MONAI Label Workshop that will take place January 25th (the week before Project Week).

Preparation meetings

We hold weekly preparation meetings at 10am on Tuesdays, starting November 29, 2022. Please join at this link if you have a project that you would like to present or work on during project week or to find out about projects you can join.

During PW

PW 38 floor plan


How to add this calendar to your own?

Travel guide

Gran Canaria travel guide

Breakout sessions

Panel: clinical uses of 3D Slicer (Rudolf Bumm)

Developing and using anatomy atlases (Michael Halle and friends)

NCI Imaging Data Commons workshop/tutorial (Andrey Fedorov and IDC team)

Kaapana workshop (Markus Bujotzek and Kaapana team)

Projects (How to add a new project?)

Categories based on project list of PW37, will be updated as we populate the list of projects.

Presenter (assumed based on order + confirmed status) in bold

Early birds

  1. DATSCAN Viewer implementation in OHIF (Salim Kanoun, Alireza Sedghi, Celian Abadie, Sofien Sellamo) [??]

  2. Cross study sychronizer for OHIF Crosshair (Salim Kanoun, Alireza Sedghi, Celian Abadie, Sofien Sellamo) [??]

  3. PolySeg representations for OHIF Viewer Segmentations(Alireza Sedghi) Remote

VR/AR and Rendering

  1. SlicerVR - Restore Interactions (Csaba Pintér, Simon Drouin, Andrey Titov, Lucas Gandel, Jean-Christophe Fillion-Robin) [On site]

  2. SlicerTMS (Loraine Franke, Jax Luo, Yogesh Rathi, Lipeng Ning, Steve Pieper, Daniel Haehn) [Remote]

  3. ARinSlicer (Alicia Pose, Javier Pascau, Gabor Fichtinger, Andras Lasso…) [On site]

  4. Map texture when importing OBJ file into Slicer (Chi Zhang, Steve Pieper, A. Murat Maga, Andras Lasso, Sara Rolfe) [Remote]

IGT and Training

  1. Training system for US-guided lung interventions (Natalia Arteaga, David García, Javier González, Gara Ramos) [On site]

  2. Fetal Ultrasound Simulation for Delivery Training (Felix von Haxthausen, David García, Tolga-Can Çallar, José Carlos Mateo) [On site]

  3. Slicer Liver (Gabriella D’Albenzio, Ruoyan Meng, Geir A. Tangen, Ole V. Solberg, Rafael Palomar) [On site]

  4. Slicer Maxillofacial Surgery (Miguel Ángel Rodriguez-Florido, Christian Buritica, Mauro Dominguez) [On site]

  5. Slicer + IMSTK for low cost training setups (Sam Horvath, Kevin Cleary, Karun Sharma) [On site]

  6. Open Source Technologies for the Development of Clinical Simulation Centers (Juan Ruiz, Miguel Angel Rodriguez-Florido, Idafen Santana, Mario Monzón, etc.) [On site]

  7. Setting up medical imaging courses (Juan Ruiz, Idafen Santana, Mario Monzon) [On site]

  8. Development of Anatomy Atlases and Training Tools with 3D Slicer (Juan Ruiz, Idafen Santana, Mario Monzón) [On site]

  9. Integration of infrared, ultraviolet and hyperspectral sensors in Slicer via Plus Toolkit and OpenIGTLink. (Francisco J. Marcano Serrano) [On site]

  10. Ibis in Slicer (Étienne Léger, Houssem Eddine Gueziri, Simon Drouinb) [On site]

Segmentation / Classification / Landmarking

  1. Lung CT Segmentation and Analysis (Rudolf Bumm, Ron Kikinis, Raúl San José Estépar, Steve Pieper, Eserval Rocha jr., Andras Lasso, Curtis Lisle) [On site]

  2. MONAI Label to MONAI bundle conversion (Deepa Krishnaswamy, Cosmin Ciausu, Nazim Haouchine, Andres Diaz-Pinto, Jesse Tetreault, Roya Hajavi, Stephen Aylward, Steve Pieper, Andrey Fedorov) [On site]

  3. HOWTO: Using MONAI zoo bundle for prostate MRI cancer detection in IDC data (Cosmin Ciausu, Deepa Krishnaswamy, Patrick Remerscheid, Tina Kapur, Sandy Wells, Andrey Fedorov, Khaled Younis) [On site]

  4. Multi-stage dental segmentation using MONAI Label (David García, Yucheng Tang, Andres Diaz, Daniel Palkovics, Csaba Pinter, Attila Nagy, Brianna Burton) [On site]

  5. Real-time ultrasound AI segmentation using Tensorflow and PyTorch models (María Rosa Rodríguez, Tamas Ungi, David García, Chris Yeung) [On site]

  6. AtlasYEB_Plugin_WEB_API (Sara Fdez Vidal,ICM) [On site]

  7. Automatic multi-anatomical skull structure segmentation of cone-beam computed tomography scans using 3D UNETR(Luc Anchling et al) [Remote]

  8. Automated Standardized Orientation for Cone-Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT)(Luc Anchling, Nathan Hutin, Maxime Gillot, Baptiste Baquero, Jonas Bianchi, Antonio Ruellas, Felicia Miranda, Selene Barone, Marcela Gurgel, Marilia Yatabe, Najla Al Turkestani, Hina Joshi, Lucia Cevidanes, Juan Prieto) [Remote]

  9. Automatic Standardize Orientation IOS (Nathan Hutin, Luc Anchling, Marcela Gruge, Felicia Miranda, Najla Al Turkestani, Selene Barone, Lucia Cevidanes, Juan Prieto) [Remote]

  10. Automatic Landmark Identification in Cranio-Facial CBCT (Luc Anchling, Nathan Hutin, Maxime Gillot, Baptiste Baquero, Jonas Bianchi, Marcela Gurgel, Najla Al Turkestani, Marilia Yatabe, Lucia Cevidanes, Juan Prieto) [Remote]

  11. Automated Landmarking Support (Sara Rolfe, Chi Zang, Murat Maga, Steve Pieper, Andras Lasso) [??]

Quantification and Computation

  1. Automatic Quantification 3D Components (Nathan Hutin, Luc Anchling, Baptiste Baquero, Maxime Gillot, Lucia Cevidanes, David Allemang, Jean-Christophe Fillion-Robin) [Remote]

  2. MeshComparison (Paolo Zaffino, Maria Francesca Spadea, Michela Destito, Amerigo Giudice) [On site]

  3. Electrophysiological biosignals in 3D Slicer (Jordan Ortega Rodríguez, Gara Ramos) [On site]

  4. Analytic Registration Verification (Gerry Gralton, Andy Huynh, Benjamin Zwick) [On site]

  5. SlicerCBM (Benjamin Zwick, Saima Safdar, Andy Huynh, Gerry Gralton, Adam Wittek, Karol Miller) [On site]

  6. Brain segmentation for Long COVID study(Zora Kikinis)[On site]

  7. SlicerElastix: update elastix version(Simón Oxenford, Andras Lasso)[On site]

Cloud / Web

  1. How-to setup and run 3D Slicer on an AWS server instance step by step (Rudolf Bumm, Steve Pieper, Gang Fu, Qing Liu) [On site]

  2. MHub Integration (Leonard Nürnberg, Dennis Bontempi, Andrey Fedorov) [On site]

  3. 3DSlicerHub (Rafael Nebot, Paula Moreno, Juan Ruiz, Idafen Santana) [On site]

  4. Kaapana related experiments/discussions/collaboratons (Andrey Fedorov, Marco Nolden, Hans Meine, Klaus Kades) [On site]

  5. DICOM Meta-Dashboard (Hans Meine, Stefan Denner, Klaus Kades, Andrey Fedorov) [On site]

  6. Connecting/Using Kaapana to Google Cloud/Google Health/Google FHIR (Jonas Scherer, Andrey Fedorov) [Remote]

  7. Kaapana: Data and model exchange across different sources (Benjamin Hamm, Ünal Akünal, Markus Bujotzek, Klaus Kades, Andrey Fedorov) [On site]

  8. Kaapana: Fast viewing and tagging of DICOM Images (Stefan Denner, Klaus Kades, Andrey Fedorov) [On site]

  9. Kaapana: Integration of desktop apps (Hanno Gao, Klaus Kades, Andrey Fedorov) [On site]

  10. Integration of clinical data into medical imaging pipelines (Philipp Schader, Andrey Fedorov) [On site]

  11. FAIRification of medical imaging data and analysis tools (Marco Nolden, Andrey Fedorov) [On site]

  12. Using VolView with images in Google Storage / IDC buckets (Andrey Fedorov, Forrest Li, Stephen Aylward) [On site]

  13. IDC Introduction and Tutorial (Andrey Fedorov, Deepa Krishnaswamy, Cosmin Ciausu, Vamsi Thiriveedhi, Dennis Bontempi, Leonard Nuerenberg) [On site]

  14. DICOM WSI: conversion, analysis workflow, accessing DICOM WSI in IDC (Maximilian Fischer, Andrey Fedorov, Marco Nolden, Philipp Schader, David Clunie, Daniela Schacherer, André Homeyer, Curtis Lisle) [On site]


  1. ParameterNodeWrapper (Connor Bowley, Sam Horvath, David Allemang) [On site]

  2. SlicerPipelines(Connor Bowley, Sam Horvath) [On site]

  3. Transitioning 3D Slicer to QSS Styling (Sam Horvath, J-Christophe Fillion-Robin, Andras Lasso, Steve Pieper) [On site]

  4. SystoleOS (Rafael Palomar, Steve Pieper) [On site]

  5. 3D Slicer Internationalization (Sonia Pujol, Steve Pieper, Andras Lasso, Mamadou Camara, Mouhamed DIOP, Adama Wade, Mohamed Alalli Bilal, Ahmedou Moulaye Idriss, Yahya Tfeil, Adriana H. Vilchis González, Luiz Otavio Murta Junior, Attila Tanács, Attila Nagy) [On site and online]

  6. Active Viewport (Davide Punzo, Andras Lasso) [On site]

  7. Visual DICOM browser (Davide Punzo, Andras Lasso) [On site]

  8. Measurement Panel (Davide Punzo, Andras Lasso) [On site]

  9. SlicerAstro Update (Davide Punzo, Thijs van der Hulst) [On site]

  10. DICOM Segmentation Optimization (Steve Pieper, Andrey Fedorov, Andras Lasso, Marco Nolden, Hans Meine, Alireza Sedghi, Erik Ziegler, Markus Hermann, Chris Bridge, David Clunie) [On site]

  11. Updating Batch Anonymizer (Hina Shah, Juan Carlos Prieto, Lucia Cevidanes) [Remote]


Do not add your name to this list below. It is maintained by the organizers based on your registration. Register here

List of registered participants so far (names will be added here after processing registrations):

  1. Rafael Palomar, Norway, (In-person, Confirmed)
  2. Csaba Pinter, Spain, (In-person, Confirmed)
  3. Simon Drouin, Canada, (In-person, Confirmed)
  4. Tina Kapur, USA, (Online)
  5. Karol Miller, Australia, (In-person, Confirmed)
  6. Andy Huynh, Australia, (In-person, Confirmed)
  7. Sen Li, Canada, (Undecided)
  8. Paolo Zaffino, Italy, (In-person, Confirmed)
  9. Andrey Fedorov, USA, (In-person, Confirmed)
  10. Steve Pieper, USA, (In-person, Confirmed)
  11. hans knutsson, Sweden, (In-person, Confirmed)
  12. Sonia Pujol, USA, (Online)
  13. JUAN RUIZ-ALZOLA, Spain, (In-person, Confirmed)
  14. Ron Kikinis, USA, (In-person, Confirmed)
  15. Carl-Fredrik Westin, USA, (In-person, Confirmed)
  16. Katie Mastrogiacomo, USA, (In-person, Confirmed)
  17. Mamadou Samba CAMARA, Senegal, (In-person, Confirmed)
  18. Pape Mady THIAO, Senegal, (In-person)
  19. Alexandra Golby, USA, (In-person)
  20. yahya tfeil tfeil, Mauritania, (In-person)
  21. Javier Pascau, Spain, (In-person, Confirmed)
  22. Idafen Santana Perezz, Spain, (In-person, Confirmed)
  23. David García Mato, Spain, (In-person, Confirmed)
  24. Alicia Pose Díez de la Lastra, Spain, (In-person, Confirmed)
  25. Miguel Angel Rodriguez-Florido, Spain, (In-person, Confirmed)
  26. Gabor FICHTINGER, Canada, (In-person, Confirmed)
  27. Luděk Hynčík, Czechia, (Online)
  28. Souleymane Diao, Senegal, (Online)
  29. Mouhamed DIOP, Senegal, (In-person, Confirmed)
  30. Gabriella d’ Albenzio, Norway, (In-person, Confirmed)
  31. Dwijkumar Mistry, India, (Online)
  32. Ruoyan Meng, Norway, (In-person, Confirmed)
  33. Ahmedou Moulaye IDRISS, Mauritania, (In-person)
  34. Francesca Spadea, Germany, (In-person, Confirmed)
  35. Rudolf Bumm, Switzerland, (In-person, Confirmed)
  36. Raul San Jose, USA, (In-person, Confirmed)
  37. Kanoun Salim, France, (Undecided)
  38. Abadie Celian, France, (Undecided)
  39. Simon Oxenford, Germany, (In-person, Confirmed)
  40. Andre , Brazil, (Online)
  41. Felix von Haxthausen, Germany, (In-person, Confirmed)
  42. Tamas Ungi, Canada, (Online)
  43. Andres Diaz-Pinto, UK, (Online)
  44. Michela Destito, Italy, (In-person, Confirmed)
  45. Attila Nagy, Hungary, (In-person, Confirmed)
  46. Zachary Baum, UK, (Undecided)
  47. Jordan Ortega Rodríguez, Spain, (In-person, Confirmed)
  48. Pablo Rubén, Spain, (In-person, Confirmed)
  49. Yamilet Rivero López, Spain, (In-person, Confirmed)
  50. Joshua García Montagut, Spain, (In-person, Confirmed)
  51. Mario Monzón, Spain, (In-person, Confirmed)
  52. Rubén Paz, Spain, (In-person, Confirmed)
  53. Ben Zwick, Australia, (In-person, Confirmed)
  54. Gara Ramos, Spain, (In-person, Confirmed)
  55. Davide Punzo, France, (In-person, Confirmed)
  56. Michael Halle, USA, (In-person, Confirmed)
  57. Gerry Gralton, Australia, (In-person, Confirmed)
  58. Natalia Arteaga-Marrero, Spain, (In-person, Confirmed)
  59. Davide Punzo, France, (In-person, Confirmed)
  60. Vamsi Krishna Thiriveedhi, USA, (Online)
  61. Lucia Cevidanes, USA, (Online)
  62. Luc Anchling, USA, (Online)
  63. Nathan Hutin, USA, (Online)
  64. Sam Horvath, USA, (In-person, Confirmed)
  65. Andrey Titov, Canada, (In-person, Confirmed)
  66. Kizzy Scott, USA, (In-person, Confirmed)
  67. Rafael Nebot Medina, Spain, (In-person, Confirmed)
  68. Paula Victoria, Spain, (In-person, Confirmed)
  69. Alireza Sedghi, Canada, (Online)
  70. Andrey Titov, Canada, (In-person, Confirmed)
  71. Sara Rolfe, USA, (Undecided)
  72. Geir Arne Tangen, Norway, (In-person, Confirmed)
  73. Yaying Shi, USA, (Online)
  74. Haythem Guermazi, Mauritania, (In-person)
  75. Étienne Léger, Canada, (In-person, Confirmed)
  76. Theodore Aptekarev, Montenegro, (In-person, Confirmed)
  77. Gang Fu, USA, (Online)
  78. Roya Khajavibajestani, USA, (Undecided)
  79. Ole Vegard Solberg, Norway, (In-person, Confirmed)
  80. Santhosh Parampottupadam, Germany, (In-person)
  81. Brianna Burton, Belgium, (Undecided)
  82. Cosmin Ciausu, USA, (In-person, Confirmed)
  83. Charles DeLorey, USA, (Online)
  84. Marco Nolden, Germany, (In-person, Confirmed)
  85. Fernandez Vidal, France, (In-person, Confirmed)
  86. Maria Sofia Sappia, Netherlands, (Online)
  87. Yucheng Tang, USA, (Online)
  88. Chris Yeung, Canada, (Online)
  89. Prodipta Guha, Australia, (Online)
  90. Daniel Haehn, USA, (Online)
  91. Dennis Bontempi, USA, (In-person, Confirmed)
  92. Leonard Nürnberg, USA, (In-person, Confirmed)
  93. Loraine Franke, USA, (Online)
  94. Ami Hashemi, USA, (Online)
  95. Piotr Woznicki, Germany, (Online)
  96. Andras Lasso, Canada, (In-person, Confirmed)
  97. Connor Bowley, USA, (In-person, Confirmed)
  98. Rafe McBeth, USA, (Undecided)
  99. Linmin Pei, USA, (Online)
  100. William Wells, USA, (In-person, Confirmed)
  101. Sara Fernandez Vidal, France, (In-person, Confirmed)
  102. Sara Fernandez Vidal, France, (In-person, Confirmed)
  103. Zora Kikinis, USA, (In-person, Confirmed)
  104. Fidèle AGOSSOU, Benin, (Online)
  105. Jeremiah Richard, UK, (Online)
  106. Deepa Krishnaswamy, USA, (In-person, Confirmed)
  107. Hans Meine, Germany, (In-person, Confirmed)
  108. MARTA LATORRE MIGUEZ, Spain, (In-person, Confirmed)
  109. Attila Tanács, Hungary, (In-person, Confirmed)
  110. Pablo Sergio Castellano Rodríguez, Spain, (In-person, Confirmed)
  111. Andrea Mihaly, Spain, (In-person, Confirmed)
  112. María Rosa Rodríguez Luque, Spain, (In-person, Confirmed)
  113. Jose Carlos Mateo Pérez, Spain, (In-person, Confirmed)
  114. Nikolaos Makris, USA, (In-person)
  115. Aday Melián Carrillo, Spain, (In-person, Confirmed)
  116. Marta Kersten, Canada, (In-person, Confirmed)
  117. Connor Bowley, USA, (In-person, Confirmed)
  118. Nicole Delgado, USA, (Online)
  119. Brandon Konkel, USA, (Online)
  120. Hanno Gao, Germany, (In-person, Confirmed)
  121. Robabeh Salehiozoumchelouei, Spain, (Online)
  122. Nayra Pumar, Spain, (Undecided)
  123. Stefan Denner, Germany, (In-person, Confirmed)
  124. Ünal Akünal, Germany, (In-person, Confirmed)
  125. Benjamin Hamm, Germany, (In-person, Confirmed)
  126. Klaus Kades, Germany, (In-person, Confirmed)
  127. Umang Pandey, Spain, (In-person, Confirmed)
  128. Yogesh Rathi, USA, (In-person)
  129. Trinity Urban, USA, (Online)
  130. Francisco J. Marcano Serrano, Spain, (In-person, Confirmed)
  131. Philipp Schader, Germany, (In-person, Confirmed)
  132. Ralf Floca, Germany, (Online)
  133. Carlo Rondinoni, Brazil, (Online)
  134. Adriana H. Vilchis González, Mexico, (Online)
  135. Juan Carlos Avila Vilchis, Mexico, (Online)
  136. Carley Tillett, Australia, (Online)
  137. Rebeca Villarroel Ramírez, Spain, (In-person, Confirmed)
  138. Luiz Murta, Brazil, (Online)
  139. Alberto Cuadrado Hernández, Spain, (In-person, Confirmed)
  140. Álvaro Navarro González , Spain, (In-person, Confirmed)
  141. Markus Bujotzek, Germany, (In-person, Confirmed)
  142. Gauthier DOT, France, (Online)
  143. Elanchezhian Somasundaram, USA, (Online)
  144. Chi Zhang, USA, (Online)
  145. RODRIGO BASILIO, Brazil, (Online)
  146. Saeed Arbabi, Netherlands, (Undecided)
  147. Maximilian Fischer, Germany, (Undecided)
  148. Kyle Sunderland, Canada, (Online)
  149. Ghulam Rasool, USA, (Online)
  150. Suraj Pai, USA, (Online)
  151. Ibrahim Hadzic, USA, (Online)
  152. Diana Alejandra Mendoza Mora , Mexico, (Online)
  153. Li-Wei Yang, Taiwan, (Online)
  154. Maica Fernández, Spain, (In-person, Confirmed)
  155. Allen Tannenbaum, USA, (Online)
  156. Marina Elistratova Elistratova, Spain, (In-person, Confirmed)
  157. Nadya Shusharina, USA, (Online)
  158. Tamas Heffter , Hungary, (Online)
  159. Khaled Younis, USA, (Online)
  160. Rebecca Hisey, Canada, (Online)
  161. Pedro Moreira, USA, (Online)
  162. Jakob Wasserthal, Switzerland, (In-person)
  163. Glauco Caurin, Brazil, (Online)
  164. Eserval Rocha Junior, Brazil, (Online)
  165. Djennifer Madzia-Madzou , Netherlands, (Online)
  166. Rahul Kumar, Norway, (Online)
  167. Mohamed Alalli BILAL, Senegal, (Online)
  168. Fryderyk Kögl, Germany, (Online)
  169. Carine Cindy Nguefack Tonleu, Canada, (Online)
  170. Tamas Ungi, Canada, (Online)
  171. Javier González-Fernández, Spain, (In-person, Confirmed)
  172. Maximilian Fischer, Germany, (In-person, Confirmed)
  173. Daniela Schacherer, Germany, (Online)
  174. Jenna Kim, USA, (Online)
  175. Kiran Sandilya , USA, (Online)
  176. Kunal Jain, USA, (Online)
  177. Mahsa Geshvadi, USA, (Online)
  178. Daniel Palkovics, Hungary, (Online)
  179. Keno Bressem, USA, (Online)
  180. Nielsen , Brazil, (Online)
  181. VIANNEY MUNOZ-JIMENEZ, Mexico, (Online)
  182. Papa Alioune Cisse , Senegal, (In-person, Confirmed)
  183. Youssou Faye, Senegal, (In-person, Confirmed)
  184. Ousmane Dia , Senegal, (In-person, Confirmed)
  185. Ablaye Tacko Diop , Senegal, (In-person, Confirmed)
  186. Oumar Kane , Senegal, (In-person, Confirmed)
  187. Idy Diop, Senegal, (In-person, Confirmed)
  188. Adama Faye , Senegal, (In-person, Confirmed)
  189. Christine Sokhna Thiandoum, Senegal, (In-person, Confirmed)
  190. Babacar Diao , Senegal, (In-person, Confirmed)
  191. Magatte Gaye , Senegal, (In-person, Confirmed)
  192. Charles Dieme , Senegal, (In-person, Confirmed)
  193. Sidi El Wafi Sid El Wavi, Mauritania, (In-person, Confirmed)
  194. Mohamed Vadel Deida , Mauritania, (In-person, Confirmed)
  195. Cheikh Sidi Ethmane Kane , Mauritania, (In-person, Confirmed)
  196. Aliou Barry , Mauritania, (In-person, Confirmed)
  197. Fatimetou Mohamed Saleck , Mauritania, (In-person, Confirmed)
  198. Mouhamedi Bah, Mauritania, (In-person, Confirmed)
  199. Ahmed Dhahara Kane , Mauritania, (In-person, Confirmed)
  200. Joaquin Olivares, Spain, (Online)
  201. Mauro Ignacio Dominguez, Argentina, (Online)
  202. Jonas Scherer, Germany, (Online)
  203. Curtis Lisle, USA, (Online)
  204. Bartosz Włodarczyk, Poland, (Online)
  205. Alexandru Dorobanțiu, Romania, (Online)
  206. Zdravko Marinov, Germany, (Online)
  207. Juan de León Luis, Spain, (In-person, Confirmed)
  208. Houssem Gueziri, Canada, (Online)
  209. Ulrike Wagner, USA, (Online)
  210. Heather Selby, USA, (Online)
  211. MARIANA ALVAREZ CARVAJAL, Mexico, (Online)
  212. Osku Sundqvist, Finland, (Online)
  213. Daniel Fernández, Mexico, (Online)
  214. Artur Banach, USA, (In-person, Confirmed)
  215. Valeria Gómez Valdes , Mexico, (Online)
  216. Abigail Mercado Ponciano, Mexico, (Online)
  217. B. Natterson-Horowitz, USA, (Online)
  218. ENRIQUE HERNANDEZ LAREDO, Mexico, (Online)
  219. Ron Alkalay, USA, (In-person, Confirmed)
  220. Varun Agarwal, India, (Online)
  221. Christopher Bridge, USA, (Online)
  222. Marie Ndiaye, Senegal, (In-person)
  223. Mame Diarra SY , Senegal, (In-person)
  224. Mame Abdoulaye Gueye, Senegal, (In-person)
  225. Ndeye Mareme Sougou, Senegal, (In-person)
  226. Khedijetou Vilaly , Mauritania, (In-person)
  227. Edmee Clemence Mansilla, Côte d’Ivoire, (In-person)
  228. Estelle Tcheple Tuo, Côte d’Ivoire, (In-person)
  229. Delphine Bella Epse Konan, Côte d’Ivoire, (In-person)
  230. Paul E. Neumann, Canada, (Online)
  231. Hina Shah, USA, (Online)
  232. Badiaa AIT AHMED, Spain, (Online)
  233. Celestino Lopes De Barro, Cabo Verde, (In-person, Confirmed)
  234. Mateus Neves Andrade, Cabo Verde, (In-person)
  235. José Olavo Da Paz Teixeira, Cabo Verde, (In-person, Confirmed)
  236. Hagi Anderson Lima Lopes, Cabo Verde, (In-person)
  237. Tolga-Can Çallar, Germany, (Online)
  238. Gabriel Kwiecinski Antunes, Brazil, (Online)
  239. Francisco Guerrero Aranda, Spain, (Online)
  240. David Emanuel Luksic, Germany, (Online)
  241. Nicola Martini, Italy, (Online)
  242. Tamu Tsinesh, Germany, (Online)
  243. Eduardo Fares , Brazil, (Online)
  244. Reihaneh Teimouri, Canada, (Online)
  245. Eduardo Fares, Brazil, (Online)
  246. Keyvan Farahani, USA, (Online)
  247. David Molony, USA, (Online)
  248. Juan Carlos Avila Vilchis, Mexico, (Online)
  249. David Molony, USA, (Online)
  250. Hui Liu, China, (Online)
  251. Dan Rukas, USA, (Online)


Participation statistics


Local organizing committee

Juan Ruiz-Alzola, PhD, Professor of Imaging Technologies, director of the Grupo de Tecnología Médica y Audiovisual (GTMA), Instituto Universitario de Investigaciones Biomédicas y Sanitarias (IUIBS), Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC)

Idafen Santana-Pérez, PhD, Project Manager and Research Fellow at Grupo de Tecnología Médica y Audiovisual (GTMA), Instituto Universitario de Investigaciones Biomédicas y Sanitarias (IUIBS), Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC)

Global Project Week organizing committee


Please read about our experience in running these events since 2005: Increasing the Impact of Medical Image Computing Using Community-Based Open-Access Hackathons: the NA-MIC and 3D Slicer Experience.