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NA-MIC Project Weeks

Welcome to the web page for the 38th Project Week!

This event will take place from January 30 to February 3rd, 2023 in Gran Canaria, Spain.

If you have any questions, you can contact the organizers.

Before Project Week

  1. Register here, it is free!
  2. If you plan to attend in person, register you workshop fee of 400 Euros here.
  3. Attend one or more preparation meetings to present a project you intend to work on at PW, for which you are seeking collaborators or to join one of the projects proposed by others.
  4. Join the Discord server that will be used to communicate with your team during Project Week. Go to this page for more info on the use of Discord during PW.

Preparation meetings

We hold weekly preparation meetings at 10am on Tuesdays, starting November 29, 2022. Please join at this link if you have a project that you would like to present or work on during project week or to find out about projects you can join.


How to add this calendar to your own?

Projects (How to add a new project?)

Categories based on project list of PW37, will be updated as we populate the list of projects.

VR/AR and Rendering

IGT and Low cost



Cloud and Infrastructure


Do not add your name to this list below. It is maintained by the organizers based on your registration. Register here

List of registered participants so far (names will be added here after processing registrations):

  1. Rafael Palomar, Norway, (In-person)
  2. Csaba Pinter, Spain, (In-person)
  3. Ron Kikinis , USA, (In-person)
  4. Simon Drouin, Canada, (In-person)
  5. Tina Kapur, USA, (Online)
  6. Karol Miller, Australia, (In-person)
  7. Andy Huynh, Australia, (In-person)
  8. Sen Li, Canada, (Undecided)
  9. Paolo Zaffino, Italy, (In-person)
  10. Andrey Fedorov, USA, (Undecided)
  11. Steve Pieper, USA, (In-person)
  12. hans knutsson, Sweden, (In-person)
  13. Sonia Pujol, USA, (Undecided)
  14. JUAN RUIZ-ALZOLA, Spain, (In-person)
  15. Ron Kikinis, USA, (In-person)
  16. Carl-Fredrik Westin, USA, (In-person)
  17. Katie Mastrogiacomo, USA, (In-person)
  18. Mamadou Samba CAMARA, Senegal, (In-person)
  19. Pape Mady THIAO, Senegal, (In-person)
  20. Alexandra Golby, USA, (In-person)
  21. yahya tfeil tfeil, Mauritania, (In-person)
  22. Javier Pascau, Spain, (In-person)
  23. Idafen Santana Perezz, Spain, (In-person)
  24. David García Mato, Spain, (In-person)
  25. Alicia Pose Díez de la Lastra, Spain, (In-person)
  26. Miguel Angel Rodriguez-Florido, Spain, (In-person)
  27. Gabor FICHTINGER, Canada, (In-person)
  28. Luděk Hynčík, Czech Republic, (Online)
  29. Sen, Canada, (In-person)
  30. Souleymane Diao, Senegal, (Online)
  31. Ahmedou Moulaye IDRISS, Mauritania, (In-person)
  32. Mouhamed DIOP, Senegal, (In-person)
  33. Gabriella d’ Albenzio, Norway, (In-person)
  34. Dwijkumar Mistry, India, (Online)
  35. Ruoyan Meng, Norway, (In-person)
  36. Ahmedou Moulaye IDRISS, Mauritania, (In-person)
  37. Francesca Spadea, Germany, (In-person)
  38. Rudolf Bumm, Switzerland, (In-person)
  39. Raul San Jose, USA, (In-person)
  40. Kanoun Salim, France, (Undecided)
  41. Abadie Celian, France, (Undecided)
  42. Simon Oxenford, Germany, (In-person)
  43. Andre , Brazil, (Online)
  44. Felix von Haxthausen, Germany, (In-person)
  45. Tamas Ungi, Canada, (Online)
  46. Andres Diaz-Pinto, UK, (Online)
  47. Michela Destito, Italy, (In-person)
  48. Attila Nagy, Hungary, (In-person)
  49. Zachary Baum, UK, (Undecided)
  50. Jordan Ortega Rodríguez, Spain, (In-person)
  51. Pablo Rubén, Spain, (In-person)
  52. Yamilet Rivero López, Spain, (In-person)
  53. Joshua García Montagut, Spain, (In-person)
  54. Mario Monzón, Spain, (In-person)
  55. Rubén Paz, Spain, (In-person)
  56. Ben Zwick, Australia, (In-person)
  57. Gara Ramos, Spain, (In-person)
  58. Davide Punzo, France, (In-person)
  59. Michael Halle, USA, (In-person)
  60. Gerry Gralton, Australia, (In-person)
  61. Natalia Arteaga-Marrero, Spain, (In-person)
  62. Davide Punzo, France, (In-person)
  63. Deepa Krishnaswamy, USA, (Online)
  64. Vamsi Krishna Thiriveedhi, USA, (Online)
  65. Lucia Cevidanes, USA, (Online)
  66. Luc Anchling, USA, (Online)
  67. Nathan Hutin, USA, (Online)
  68. Sam Horvath, USA, (In-person)
  69. Andrey Titov, Canada, (In-person)
  70. Kizzy Scott, USA, (In-person)
  71. Rafael Nebot Medina, Spain, (In-person)
  72. Paula Victoria, Spain, (In-person)
  73. Alireza Sedghi, Canada, (Online)
  74. Andrey Titov, Canada, (In-person)
  75. Sara Rolfe, USA, (Undecided)
  76. Geir Arne Tangen, Norway, (In-person)
  77. Yaying Shi, USA, (Online)



This edition of Project Week will be led by:


Please read about our experience in running these events since 2005: Increasing the Impact of Medical Image Computing Using Community-Based Open-Access Hackathons: the NA-MIC and 3D Slicer Experience.