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Maxillofacial Surgery Virtual Planning Applications based on Slicer

Key Investigators

Project Description

This project proposes to study the capabilities of two extensions of Slicer (Osteotomy Planner and BoneReconstructionPlanner) to be included at the classes at the Medical School of our University and to the planning tools used for clinical maxillofacial cases.


  1. To know and test the features and parameters of both extensions for trying them with our own clinical requisites and datasets.
  2. To detect needs to improve the capabilities of both extensions.
  3. To get ability for using both extensions in real clinical cases.

Approach and Plan

  1. To Install and run the software with our own clinical cases. Check if BoneReconstructionPlanner videotutorial should be updated. Execute automatic-tests.
  2. To discuss with extension’s developers the best configuration of the software for our clinical cases.
  3. Beta testing of the extensions in our environment and send feedback to the community.

Progress and Next Steps

  1. Describe specific steps you have actually done.


Background and References

  1. Osteotomy planner: https://www.kitware.com/osteotomy-planner-2-0-release/
  2. Continue with the project: https://projectweek.na-mic.org/PW36_2022_Virtual/Projects/MandibleReconstructionAutomaticPlanning/