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Integration of desktop apps

Kaapana tutorial for the 38th NA-MIC project week: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1A7-8Ru0uTJHFFa17rZtkBpvNhJao_F7x/view?usp=share_link

Key Investigators

Project Description

It could be useful for Desktop applications such as 3D slicer or MITK to run within a browser, for this a containerization of the application is necessary. Also it could be useful for Desktop applications to communicate with third-party endpoints to, for examples, run a model on images to get a segmentation. In this project, we focus on solution to containerize desktop applications and on communicating with third-party tools


  1. Desktop apps in containers (Slicer, MITK, OHIF, …), Improved Slicer integration
  2. Desktop interaction with Kaapana (Slicer, MITK, ITK-SNAP …)

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Approach and Plan

  1. Look at the current state of Slicer and MITK integration in Kaapana (container and client/server interaction) image
  2. Finish/adapt integration.
  3. Improve desktop (running in a browser) streaming solutions - (noVNC, guacamole…) in the Kaapana kubernetes cluster.
  4. Create documented API for an interaction Kaapana with destop clients

Progress and Next Steps

  1. Integrated Slicer extension
  2. Startet workflow “Slicer-flow”
  3. Created uniform Kaapana RestApi for dicomweb


Background and References