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Taking Advantage of Open Source Technologies for the Development of Clinical Simulation Centers and Virtual Hospitals for Training and R&D

Key Investigators

Project Description

Open source technologies have opened up a world of possibilities for the development of clinical simulation centers and virtual hospitals. This proect aims to explore how these technologies can be used to create innovative projects in the healthcare sector. We will discuss how open source technologies can support virtual hospitals and simulation centers, and how this could benefit both patients and healthcare providers. We will also look at the potential use cases of such projects, their impact on patient care, and their potential cost savings. Finally, we will discuss the challenges that need to be addressed in order to make these projects successful.


  1. To identifiy which tecnology and computer-based applications can be usefull for the partner’s simulation centers.
  2. To know the profile of trainees for each simulation center.
  3. To identify how to improve the simulation resources that we currently have.
  4. To take into account the training needs.

Approach and Plan

  1. We created a workteam to discuss the objetives.
  2. We shared information with the partners about computer-based simulation in Africa.
  3. We defined some tasks to work in: To identifiy apps based-on Slicer that could be used for education, to join researchers from other PW38 that propose open-source resourses (phantoms, apps, etc.) and to discuss in small groups for regions/countries.
  4. We proposed to study and research about the impact of simulation in economy in health.

Progress and Preliminar Results

  1. We had a good acceptance of the participants to work in this project. We did an start-meeting on Tueday and a wrap-up one a Friday. pw-project-simulacion5
  2. We merged this project with the presentation and demos at the Virtual Hospital at the University of Las Palmas:
  3. We saw and used apps based on Slicer that are thought for training and medical education:

pw-project-simulacion-2 pw-project-simulacion-3

Conclusion & Outlook

This project let us advance in the team cooperation for merging ideas and getting information of each partner. We learnt the capabilities and needs of each partner and how to include the open source technology developed around Slicer. In summary, we can show the main ideas that we got from our partners in Africa:

Also, from a point of view of the economy in health, Marina Elistratova and Maica Fernández are working in research about how the education in health using this kind open source tools can help to save money for the health system. This work is just starting with this project and it is in progress now.


  1. Training system for US-guided lung interventions
  2. Fetal Ultrasound Simulation for Delivery Training
  3. Slicer + IMSTK for low cost training setups
  4. Development of Anatomy Atlases and Training Tools with 3D Slicer
  5. Virtual Hospital at the University of Las Palmas