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SlicerAstro Update

Key Investigators

Project Description

SlicerAstro is an extension of 3D Slicer that aims to provide astronomers with a powerful and interactive visualization environment. In this environment, astronomers can analyze complex sources that automated pipelines find. These sources include interacting galaxies, tidal tails, HI filaments, and stripped galaxies.


Update SlicerAstro to Slicer 5

Approach and Plan

1) Fix compilation with Slicer 5

2) Test under Slicer 5 and find issues (some already listed in issues)

Progress and Next Steps

1) Done!

2) Although the code now compile, many parts are broken and testing is not even possible. The main issues found are:

~1-2 dev weeks would be necessary to fix all the issues and it will be done later on after the project week. After that we can do further testing and then finally restore the extension in the 3DSlicer store.


SlicerAstro Icon

Background and References

SlicerAstro project Slides

SlicerAstro repo

SlicerAstroApp repo