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Visual DICOM browser

Key Investigators

Project Description

Implement a visual DICOM browser with thumbnails and query/retrieve/store capabilities for DICOM databases.


Have a simple user-friendly interface to query/retrieve/store from a DICOM server. The user interface would render series thumbnails so the users can easily navigate the DICOM database (see illustrations for a first UI Design prototype). Moreover, perfomance needs to be boosted as much as possible:

1) fetch metadata only when strictly required (e.g. get series metadata only when the user clicks and opens a study item of the list)

2) the fetch should be performed in async with Qthreads/workers and parallelized.

Approach and Plan

1) Get feedback: ask feedback on the UI prototype (e.g., Osirix, MITK, Weasis, cloud UIs)

2) Design the solution

3) Start implementation

Progress and Next Steps

1) Meeting done on Tuesday (31/01/2023)

2) Design: We will proceed with the pure C++ CTK implementation

3) Progress:



Current CTK Query Retrieve Panel:


Background and References

CTK class