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Breakout Session: Anatomy Atlases and Atlas Development

Key Investigators

Session Description

This breakout session about atlases is designed to allow members of our community to discuss the work they are doing to create atlases and use them in different applications. We will also discuss new technologies in 3D Slicer that may be useful to atlas developers, as well as challenges that the community may face.

Please share the work that you are doing, and how you are using atlases!

Atlases are datasets that serve as references, standards, examples, or teaching tools. Recently, there has been an exciting growth in the development of new anatomic and biomedical atlases. The availability of 3D Slicer has helped enable this growth. Today, technologies using machine learning and automatic segmentation offer new opportunities for atlas creation and use. The OpenAnatomy project at Brigham and Women’s Hospital is working to create a community dedicated to the creation of high quality anatomical atlases.

For this session, we are scheduled to be joined by Anatomist Paul Neumann, the current editor of Netter’s Atlas of Human Anatomy and a partner with the OpenAnatomy Project in the creation of TA2Viewer (https://ta2viewer.openanatomy.org).

We also hope to be joined by members of the UCLA Cardiac Arrhythmia Center and the Amara Yad project, who are developing open atlases based on a particularly noble cause. Their first atlas, is an open access cardiac atlas: Atlas of Cardiac Anatomy Vol. 1.

Rough schedule:


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