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Integration of infrared, ultraviolet and hyperspectral sensors in Slicer via Plus Toolkit and OpenIGTLink.

Key Investigators

Project Description

Integration of a predefined set of sensors in the 3D Slicer platform, via Plus Toolkit and OpenIGTLink, for future use in clinical applications. Several sensors/cameras operating in different electromagnetic ranges and using different communication standards (USB, CameraLink, GigE, GenICam) will be integrated. The set of cameras to integrate includes (but not limited to): visible light USB cameras, PCO (ultraviolet, USB, several models), Thermal Expert (infrared, USB/CameraLink, several models), FLIR (infrared, GigE, several models), Specim (hyperspectral, GenICam, several models).


  1. Adding selected sensors as new devices in PTK.
  2. Visualization and control of integrated sensors from Slicer.

Approach and Plan

  1. Integration of at least one USB camera (sensor) as a PTK device.
  2. Integration of at least one CameraLink sensor as a PTK device.
  3. Integration of at least one GigE sensor as a PTK device.
  4. Integration of at least one GenICam sensor as a PTK device.

Progress and Next Steps

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Background and References