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NA-MIC Project Weeks

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Key Investigators

Project Description

This project will continue the development of the Slicer-Liver extension that will be developed through the ALive project. The objective of the Slicer-Liver extension is to provide researchers with tools to perform liver analytics towards planning of liver interventions (resections, ablations).


Approach and Plan

For this Project week we will build on the advances obtained in the las project week. Some of the objectives are based on new functionality that has been tested but not integrated yet, while some other objectives are refinement of functionality previusly integrated in [Slicer-Liver PW36](https://github.com/NA-MIC/ProjectWeek/tree/master/PW37_2022_Virtual/Projects/Slicer-Liver


Resection from curved contour

We create a new resection surface generated directly from a curved contour; this implies fewer interactions with the 3D Models and quicker planning.



We create Real-time 2D resection risk map: which extracts functional information in real-time from the intersection between the 3D resection surface and liver model and then maps it onto a 2D map, resulting in quicker risk analysis with less cognitive cost while planning the surgery.


Lung Surgery Planning with Rudolf Bumm

We also tried to extend our user scenario from liver resection to lung resection. With the help of Dr. Rudolf, we plan a lung surgery case using Slicer liver extension.

lung-2D lung-3D

Progress and Next Steps

In this project week, we have changed the user interaction to use segmentations instead of models, which greatly simplifies the user interaction.

There is a PR for adding this extension to the extension manager. This be effective when we prepare a tutorial video on the use of the extension.

There are still standard features (e.g., volumetry computation) and new research features (e.g, risk maps visualization, new planning algorithms) that we would like to implement in future Project Weeks.

Background and References

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