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NA-MIC Project Weeks

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3D Slicer Lung CT Segmentation

Key Investigators

Project Description

This is a follow-up to previous 3D Slicer lung CT segmentation PW projects. 


Our objective is to improve the lung CT segmentation and analysis processes in 3D Slicer.

Specific Approach and Plan

Progress and Next Steps

During the project week, we were able to apply SlicerLiver (with fantastic help of the liver team) to a working demo lung segmentation dataset, demonstrating that segment-oriented lung resection can be simulated in SlicerLiver using VMTK and dedicated software functions.
Furthermore, we talked with Jakob Wasserthal, the creator of TotalSegmentator, about how to incorporate pulmonary artery and vein segmentation into his deep-learning tool. Raoul San Jose Estbar agreed to provide the TotalSegmentator training dataset with ground truth data. We elaborated the skeleton of a grant application for vessel-based lung segment segmentation.

We ran LCTA over the complete dataset of the OpenSourceCovidDataset with great results and a good correlation between radiology expert and machine. 


Background and References

Lung CT Analyzer extension

Open Source COVID Database