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Mesh Comparison

Key Investigators

Project Description

In the oral surgery field, it is important quantifying the level of swelling after a surgical procedure. Several centers can easily acquire volumetric scans of the patient, both before and after the intervention. Slicer already offers several modules for dealing with surfaces (including difference quantification), but lacks a tool for computing the volume between two meshes. Our aim is to provide such a tool.


  1. Write a module for computing the volume between two meshes.
  2. Propose to integrate the developed module into a larger project (Slicer CMF?)

Approach and Plan

  1. Write a module for computing volume between two meshes (they can be also “open-mesh”)
  2. Use pyvista library for tasks involving mesh
  3. Deal with open meshes

Progress and Next Steps

  1. TBD


Two meshes to compare in terms of volume Open mesh to close

Background and References