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NA-MIC Project Weeks

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Active Viewport

Key Investigators

Project Description

Add the concept of active viewport in 3DSlicer


1) Track the currently manipulated viewport by the user in a parameter in the Slicer logic

2) Add a colored border to the view (2D, 3D, Plot, Table, etc…)

Approach and Plan

1) Design the solution: discuss the potential use cases (i.e. keyboard/mouse focus) and then use it for example in show/hide node in the selected view (similarly to Paraview).

2) Implement it: add implementation in CTK (e.g. QFrame around views with method to set color, thickness, style, etc… ), and the uid parameter of the selected view (shall we save it in the scene? or just in the slicer logic?).

Progress and Next Steps

1) We (Sam, Steve, Andras, Davide) discussed this and the outlook of the solution design is:

2) This will be implemented later on, after the project week.



Background and References