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NA-MIC Project Weeks

Welcome to the web page for the 41st Project Week!

This event took place June 24th - June 28th, 2024 at MIT, Cambridge, MA. Project Week 41 was a hybrid event with a strong in-person component.


Grier Rooms (34-401A, 34-401B), Building 34, 50 Vassar Street, Cambridge, MA

Preparation meetings

We held weekly preparation meetings at 10am on Tuesdays on Zoom, starting April 30, 2024.


Register at the link here.


The Discord application is used to communicate between team members and organize activities before and during Project Week. Please join the Project Week Discord server as soon as possible and explore its functionality before the workshop. For more information on the use of Discord before and during Project Week, please visit this page.


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Breakout sessions

Slicer Platform Slides for PW 41


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The PW41_2024_MIT event has a total of 58 projects.

IGT and Training

  1. AI-based ultrasound imaging simulator (In-person) (Xihan Ma, Junichi Tokuda, Simon Leonard, Laura Connolly, Haichong)

  2. Evaluating Uncertainty Visualization through a game in 3D slicer (In-person) (Mahsa Geshvadi, Sarah Frisken)

  3. Integration of Slicer and ROS (In-person) (Junichi Tokuda, Anton Deguet, Steve Pieper, Mariana Bernardes, Laura Connolly, Simon Leonard)

  4. Virtual plate placement for orbital surgery (In-person) (Chi Zhang, Kyle Sunderland, Rafael Palomar, Braedon Gunn, Andrew Read-Fuller)

  5. Development of a haptic model for ultrasound-guided catheter insertion (Online) (Naomi Catwell, Simon Drouin)

  6. An IGT Masters course based on Slicer (In-person) (Simon Drouin, Rafael Palomar)

  7. NousNav Video Tutorial (in person) (Sonia Pujol, Colin Galvin)


  1. dcm2parquet (In-person) (Vamsi Thiriveedhi, Andrey Fedorov, Steve Pieper)

  2. CT image based prediction model in head and neck cancer: contribution to MHub (Online) (Kate Akhmad)

VR/AR and Rendering

  1. Visual Model for Respiratory Motion of Airways with SOFA-Slicer (In-person) (Quinn Williams, Steve Pieper, Rafael Palomar)

  2. PRISM Volume renderer (In-person) (Simon Drouin, Aurélie Rasolomanana, Kylian Pasquereau)

Segmentation / Classification / Landmarking

  1. BAMF nnUNet MRI Breast Model (Online) (Rahul Soni, Jithendra Kumar, Jeff Van Oss, Gowtham Murugesan)

  2. Importing Labelled Sulci from Morphologist Pipeline (Brainvisa). Creating a new 3D Slicer terminologie (In-person) (Sara Fernandez Vidal, Valerio Frazzini)

  3. Planning Module for Left Ventricle Assist Device Implantation (In-person) (Imre J. Barabas, Attila Tanacs, Matthew A. Jolley, Kyle Sunderland, Tamas Ungi, Andras Lasso)

  4. 3D Teeth Landmark Detection (In-person) (Juan Prieto, Lucie Dole, Florian Davaux, Jeanne Claret, Gaëlle Leroux, Lucia Cevidanes)

  5. Skin Surface Segmentation for NousNav (In-person) (Reuben Dorent, Colin Galvin, Sarah Frisken, Tina Kapur, Sam Horvath)

  6. Evaluation of subcortical segmentation results of Unest Model and creating a slicer module (Online) (Ghazal Danaee, Sylvain Bouix, Jarrett Rushmore)

  7. Slicer extension for shape analysis for dental applications using ShapeAXI module (In-person) (Lucie Dole, Florian Davaux, Claudia Trindade Mattos, Selene Barone, Felicia Miranda, Marcela Lima Gurgel, Juan Carlos Prieto, Lucia Cevidanes)

  8. VolumeAXI - Volume Analysis, Explanability and Interpretability on CBCT (In-person) (Jeanne Claret, Gaëlle Leroux, Lucia Cevidanes, Claudia Mattos, Juan Prieto)

  9. Brain Tumor segmentation with Missing Data (In-person) (Reuben Dorent, Tina Kapur, Sarah Frisken)

  10. New Radiology and Pathology Deep Learning Models into MHub.ai (In-person) (Curtis Lisle, Leonard Nürnberg)

  11. Manual editing of FreeSurfer cortical surfaces (In-person) (Benoît Verreman, Jarrett Rushmore, Sylvain Bouix)

  12. Integrate MRSegmentator and DeepSpA models into mhub.ai (In-person) (Felix Dorfner, Hartmut Häntze, Keno Bressem)

  13. Evaluation of AI methods for MRI segmentation on IDC data (In-person) (Cosmin Ciausu, Deepa Krishnaswamy, Megha Kalia, Andrey Fedorov)

  14. OMAS CT: Open Model for Anatomy Segmentation in Computer Tomography (In-person) (Tamaz Amiranashvili, Murong Xu, Bjoern Menze)

  15. Ultrasound extension (In-person) (Tamas Ungi, Tina Kapur, Amene Asgari, Mike Jin)

  16. Integrating ITMT Model into MHub.ai Platform (In-person) (Reza Mojahed-Yazdi)

  17. Automatic classification of MR scan sequence type (In-person) (Deepa Krishnaswamy, Vamsi Krishna Thiriveedhi, Pedro Moreira, Cosmin Ciausu, Megha Kalia, Andrey Fedorov)

  18. Grid-based Semi-Landmarking via Surface Markups (In-person) (Sara Rolfe, Murat Maga)

  19. Visual Evaluation and 3D Inspection of Cortical Surface Reconstructions from MRI Using 3D Slicer (Online) (Kaveh Moradkhani, Sylvain Bouix, Jarrett Rushmore)

  20. Segmentation verification module for finalizing multi-label AI segmentations (Online) (Csaba Pintér, Andrey Fedorov)

  21. epiSTIM as 3d slicer extension (Online) (Carole-Anne COS, Martin GREGORIO, Sara FERNANDEZ VIDAL)

  22. Integrate CPU friendly auto segmentation and CT utility models into mhub (In-person) (Suraj Pai, Leonard Nürnberg, Andriy Fedorov, Hugo Aerts)

  23. Computer assisted vessel segmentation for 2D angiography (In-person) (Sarah Frisken)

  24. 3D Cuboid Segmentation Aggregation (In-person) (Mike Jin, Tamas Ungi, Amene Asgari, Tina Kapur)

Quantification and Computation

  1. Using statistical shape modeling for improving 3D reconstruction of fetal ultrasound images (In-person) (Chi Zhang, Emet Schneiderman, Preetam Schramm, Zohre German, Ju-Ying Lin)

  2. Quality Control Model for Brain Surfaces (In-person) (Florian Davaux, Juan Carlos Prieto, Lucie Dole, Martin Styner)

  3. Susceptibility distortion correction in diffusion MRI dataset (Online) (Sedigheh Dargahi, Sylvain Bouix)

  4. Slicer Plugin for Detection of Motion Artifact on T1w MRI (In-person) (Charles Bricout, Sylvain Bouix, Owen Borders)

  5. Spinal musculoskeletal module for computing vertebral-specific loading in daily tasks (In-person) (Ron Alkalay, Dennis Anderson, Vy Hong, Steve Pieper, Csaba Pinter)

  6. Multimodal Registration MR2CBCT (In-person) (Leroux Gaelle, Claret Jeanne, Cevidanes Lucia, Allemang David, Prieto Juan Carlos)

  7. T1w MRI Artifact Removal (In-person) (Owen Borders, Sylvain Bouix, Charles Bricout)

  8. Finite element model preprocessing module for computing vertebral failure (In-person) (Ron Alkalay, Zahra Soltani, Steve Pieper, Csaba Pinter, Gnaneswar Chundi,)

  9. Methods for self-supervised depth estimation and motion estimation in colonoscopy under deformation (In-person) (Megha Kalia)

Cloud / Web

  1. NCI Imaging Data Commons - user support and platform development (In-person) (Andrey Fedorov, Deepa Krishnaswamy, Vamsi Thiriveedhi, Cosmin Ciausu, Leonard Nuerenberg, Suraj Pai, Steve Pieper, Ron Kikinis, Michael Onken, Daniela Schacherer, Andras Lasso)

  2. Implement support of external DICOM servers in Kaapana (In-person) (Vamsi Thiriveedhi, Mikulas Bankovic, Andrey Fedorov)


  1. Enabling PyTorch3D on Windows and Optimizing Miniconda for Slicer Extensions (In-person) (Leroux Gaelle, Claret Jeanne, Cevidanes Lucia, Hutin Nathan, Allemand David, Prieto Juan Carlos)

  2. QuickAlign Refinement (In-person) (Sara Rolfe, Murat Maga)

  3. MHub Contributors (In-person) (Leonard Nürnberg, Andriy Fedorov, Hugo Aerts)

  4. Risk Prediction Deep Learning Models into MHub.ai (In-person) (Ahmed Adly, Leonard Nuernberg, Hugo Aerts)

  5. Updated Icons and Theme switching (In-person) (Sam Horvath, Wendy Plesniak)

  6. 3DSlicerForLatinAmerica (Online) (Sonia Pujol, Luiz Murta, Douglas Samuel Gonçalves, Lucas Sanchez Silva, Paulo Eduardo de Barros Veiga, Adriana Herlinda Vilchis González, Enrique Hernández Laredo, Victor Manuel Montaño Serrano, Monserrat Ríos-Hernández, Juan Carlos Avila Vilchis, Vianney Muñoz Jiménez, Mariana Alvarez-Carvajal, Valeria Gómez Valdes, Andras Lasso, Steve Pieper)

  7. Slicer-SOFA (In-person) (Rafael Palomar, Paul Baksic, Steve Pieper, Andras Lasso, Jean-Christophe Fillion-Robin, Sam Horvath, Naomi Catwell, Chi Zhang, Ron Alkalay, Quinn Williams)

  8. Node focus and highlighting (In-person) (Kyle Sunderland, Andras Lasso, Jean-Christophe Fillion-Robin)

  9. 3D Slicer Internationalization (In-person and Online) (Sonia Pujol, Mamadou Samba Camara, Mouhamed DIOP, Fatou Bintou Ndiaye, Mohamed Alalli Bilal, Andras Lasso, Steve Pieper)

  10. Simple Editor for Python Scripting (Online) (Oshane Thomas, Murat Maga, Steve Pieper, Sara Rolfe)

  11. Enhancing the SlicerMorph Hi-Res Screen Capture Module for 3D Slicer (Online) (Oshane Thomas, Murat Maga)

  12. MorphoDepot: Collaborative segmentation projects (In-person) (Steve Pieper, Murat Maga)


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Do not add your name to this list below. It is maintained by the organizers based on your registration.

List of registered participants so far (names will be added here after processing registrations):

Updated on 2024-06-29.

  1. Ekaterina Akhmad, Maastricht University, Netherlands, Virtual
  2. Ron Alkalay, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, USA, In Person
  3. Tamaz Amiranashvili, University of Zurich, Switzerland, In Person
  4. Dennis Anderson, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, USA, In Person
  5. Theodore Aptekarev, Slicer Community, Montenegro, Virtual
  6. Amene Asgari, Brigham and women’s hospital, USA, In Person
  7. Paul Baksic, INRIA - France, France, Virtual
  8. Mikulas Bankovic, German Cancer Research Center, Germany, Virtual
  9. Imre János Barabás, Semmelweis University, Hungary, In Person
  10. Mohamed Alalli Bilal, Université Nouakchott Al-Asriya, Mauritania, Virtual
  11. Owen Borders, Massachusetts General Hospital, USA, In Person
  12. Sylvain Bouix, École de technologie supérieure, Canada, In Person
  13. Charles Bricout, ETS, Canada, In Person
  14. Mamadou Samba CAMARA, Université Cheikh Anta Diop de Dakar, Senegal, Virtual
  15. Naomi Catwell, ÉTS, Canada, Virtual
  16. Mirela Cazzolato, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, Virtual
  17. Lucia Cevidanes, University of Michigan, USA, Virtual
  18. Gnaneswar Chundi, Rutgers University, USA, In Person
  19. Cosmin Ciausu, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, USA, In Person
  20. Jeanne Claret, University of Michigan, USA, In Person
  21. David Clunie, PixelMed, USA, Virtual
  22. Carole-Anne COS, Paris Brain Institute, France, Virtual
  23. Mariana Costa Bernardes Matias, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, USA, In Person
  24. Ghazal Danaee, École de technologie supérieure( ÉTS), Canada, Virtual
  25. sedigheh dargahi, École de technologie supérieure, Canada, Virtual
  26. Florian Davaux, Unaffiliated, , In Person
  27. Paulo Eduardo de Barros Veiga, Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil, Virtual
  28. Anton Deguet, Johns Hopkins University, USA, In Person
  29. Chayanika Devi, University of Cincinnati, USA, Virtual
  30. Mouhamed DIOP, Cheikh Anta Diop University of Dakar, Senegal, Virtual
  31. Lucie Dole, Unaffiliated, , In Person
  32. Mauro Ignacio Dominguez, Independent, Argentina, Virtual
  33. Reuben Dorent, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, USA, In Person
  34. Felix Dorfner, Massachusetts General Hospital and Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin, USA, In Person
  35. Simon Drouin, École de technologie supérieure, Canada, In Person
  36. Moumen El-Melegy, Assiut University, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, USA, In Person
  37. Zeinabou Babe Elemine, Cheikh Anta Diop University, Mauritania, Virtual
  38. Andrey Fedorov, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, USA, In Person
  39. sara Fernandez Vidal, PARIS BRAIN INSTITUTE, France, In Person
  40. Jean-Christophe Fillion-Robin, Kitware, USA, In Person
  41. Sarah Frisken, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, USA, In Person
  42. Colin Galvin, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, USA, In Person
  43. Valeria Gomez Valdes, Slicer translation for Latin America- UAEMéx, Mexico, Virtual
  44. Douglas Samuel Gonçalves, USP, Brazil, Virtual
  45. Martin Gregorio, ICM, France, Virtual
  46. Michael Halle, Open Anatomy Project, USA, In Person
  47. Nazim Haouchine, BWH, USA, In Person
  48. Ahmed Hassan, Harvard Medical School, Netherlands, In Person
  49. Carl Haugg, Harvard Medical School, USA, In Person
  50. Enrique Hernandez-Laredo, Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México, Mexico, Virtual
  51. Vy Hong, Technical University of Munich, Germany, In Person
  52. Samantha Horvath, Kitware Inc, USA, In Person
  53. Bing-Xing Huo, Broad Institute, USA, Virtual
  54. Mike Jin, Brigham and Women’s Hospital; Centaur Labs, USA, In Person
  55. JANGRAE JO, University of Massachusetts, USA, Virtual
  56. Megha Kalia, Brigham and Womens, USA, In Person
  57. Tina Kapur, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, USA, In Person
  58. Ron Kikinis, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, USA, In Person
  59. Deepa Krishnaswamy, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, USA, In Person
  60. Andras Lasso, Queen’s University, Canada, In Person
  61. kyuheon lee, korea university, Republic of Korea, Virtual
  62. Simon Leonard, Johns Hopkins University, USA, In Person
  63. Gaelle Leroux, University of Michigan, USA, In Person
  64. Rui Li, New York University, USA, Virtual
  65. Wenjie Liang, Maastricht University, Netherlands, Virtual
  66. Curtis Lisle, KnowledgeVis, LLC, USA, In Person
  67. Xihan Ma, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA, In Person
  68. Murat Maga, Seattle Childrens Research Institute, USA, Virtual
  69. Nikolaos Makris, Massachusetts General Hospital, USA, In Person
  70. Katie Mastrogiacomo, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, USA, In Person
  71. Moaid Mohamedosman, Unaffiliated, Egypt, Virtual
  72. Reza Mojahed-Yazdi, AIM Lab, Brigham and Women Hospital, USA, In Person
  73. Victor Manuel Montaño Serrano, Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México, Mexico, Virtual
  74. Kaveh Moradkhani, École de technologie supérieure ÉTS, Canada, Virtual
  75. Pedro Moreira, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, USA, In Person
  76. Luiz Murta, University of São Paulo, Brazil, Virtual
  77. Fatou Bintou NDIAYE, Université Cheikh Anta Diop of Dakar, Senegal, Virtual
  78. Leonard Nürnberg, MGB / Harvard, Netherlands, In Person
  79. Ballambat Suraj Pai, Brigham and Womens Hospital, USA, In Person
  80. Rafael Palomar, Oslo University Hospital, Norway, In Person
  81. Umang Pandey, Clinica Universidad de Navarra, Madrid, Spain, Virtual
  82. Tae Young Park, KIST, Republic of Korea, Virtual
  83. Sam Pathak, NCI, USA, Virtual
  84. Steve Pieper, Isomics, Inc., USA, In Person
  85. Csaba Pinter, EBATINCA, Spain, Virtual
  86. Juan Prieto, University of North Carolina, USA, In Person
  87. Sonia Pujol, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, USA, In Person
  88. Ciro Benito Raggio, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany, Virtual
  89. Aneesh Rangnekar, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, USA, Virtual
  90. Domenico Riggio, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany, Virtual
  91. Monserrat Ríos-Hernández, Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México, Mexico, Virtual
  92. Sara Rolfe, Seattle Children’s Research Institute, USA, In Person
  93. Jarrett Rushmore, Boston University School of Medicine, USA, In Person
  94. Divya Sain, Velsera, USA, Virtual
  95. Johanna Samuelsson, Velsera, Sweden, Virtual
  96. Lucas Sanchez Silva, Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil, Virtual
  97. Leonardo Seoane, Ochsner Health System, USA, In Person
  98. Zahra Soltani, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, USA, Virtual
  99. Kyle Sunderland, Queen’s University, Canada, In Person
  100. Baye Balla SY, Military Health School of Dakar, Senegal, Virtual
  101. Attila Tanács, University of Szeged, Hungary, Virtual
  102. Jess Tate, University of Utah, USA, Virtual
  103. Pape mady Thiao, EMS, Senegal, Virtual
  104. Vamsi Thiriveedhi, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, USA, In Person
  105. Oshane Thomas, Seattle Children’s Research Institute, USA, Virtual
  106. Junichi Tokuda, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, USA, In Person
  107. Tamas Ungi, Queen’s University, Canada, In Person
  108. Jeff VanOss, BAMF Health, USA, Virtual
  109. Benoit Verreman, ÉTS, Canada, In Person
  110. Adriana H. Vilchis González, Facultad de Ingeniería- Facultad de Medicina _UAEMéx, Mexico, Virtual
  111. William Wells, BWH, USA, In Person
  112. Quinn Williams, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, USA, In Person
  113. Murong Xu, Univerisity of Zurich, Switzerland, In Person
  114. Khaled Younis, MedAiConsult, United States Minor Outlying Islands, Virtual
  115. Chi Zhang, Texas A&M University School of Dentistry, USA, In Person
  116. Haichong Zhang, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA, In Person


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