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Visual DICOM browser

Key Investigators

Presenter location: In-person

Project Description

The visual DICOM browser provides a new user interface for quick viewing and retrieval of patient images stored on remote DICOM servers. The new tool is optimized for clinical workflows where the focus is on all the images of a single patient - as opposed to the existing DICOM browsing experience, which was more suitable for bringing together images from many patients.

Both server and local content are located at the same place and are visualized by thumbnails. All data is retrieved in the background using classic DIMSE networking (most commonly used protocols in hospitals), in multiple concurrently running threads. The currently supported operations are:

The widget is currently an experimental feature in Slicer (DICOM module). Current Roadmap is at link.

Possible long term ENH to discuss/work during the project week:


Finalize the ctk visual DICOM browser:

  1. Get feedback from users/developers.
  2. Prioritize short term ENH-BUG fixes to do. See Roadmap for more info.
  3. Discuss the long term ENH.

Approach and Plan

  1. Have a meeting/demo with people interested for colletting feedback.
  2. Prioritize/coordinated any future development based on the feedback.

Progress and Next Steps

  1. A Job list UI has been implemented/tested.
  2. We had a demo on Tuesday and we discussed the roadmap in details.
  3. I have started implementating the feedback. See the roadmap for detailed informations.



Visual DICOM Browser Jobs and Settings


UML Diagram:

Background and References

PW38 Project



Slicer PR


Logging UI CTK PR