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Common spline surfaces infrastructure for surgical planning in Slicer-Heart and Slicer-Liver

Key Investigators

Presenter location: In-person

Project Description

The primary goal is to unify the spline surface infrastructures of Slicer-Liver and Slicer-Heart, focusing on the integration of Bezier tensor product surfaces and NURBS tensor product surfaces. This integration aims to create a versatile and robust tensor-product surface filter capable of generating a variety of surface families.


  1. Development of a Generic Tensor-Product Surface Filter:
    Explore the feasibility of creating a filter that can handle both Bezier and NURBS surfaces, along with other potential surface types.

  2. Establishment of a Class Hierarchy:
    Discuss the design of a class hierarchy that effectively supports different spline surface families. This includes determining the commonalities and differences between the current implementations in Slicer-Heart and Slicer-Liver.

  3. Creation of a Common Extension Framework:
    Aim to develop a common extension framework that can be readily adapted for future extensions, ensuring scalability and flexibility.

  4. Integration with vtkAddon/VTK:
    Consider how this new infrastructure could potentially be incorporated into the vtkAddon or VTK libraries, enhancing the broader community’s access to these tools.

Approach and Plan

Progress and Next Steps





Background and References

  1. Slicer-Liver
  2. Slicer-Heart
  3. https://projectweek.na-mic.org/PW38_2023_GranCanaria/Projects/SlicerLiver/