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NA-MIC Project Weeks

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SlicerLiverAnalysis: interactive tools for planning liver interventions.

Key Investigators

Project Description

This project will kick-start the development of the SlicerLiverAnalysis extension that will be developed through the ALive project. The objective of the SlicerLiverAnalysis extension is to provide researchers with tools to perform liver analytics towards planning of liver interventions (resections, ablations). At this point in the project we need to port early prototypes of our resection planning algorithms into 3D Slicer, which may require enabling new infrastructure in Slicer (particularly for handling pluggable markups from modules other than the Markups module).


  1. Discuss alternatives to integrate new markups in modules other than the Markups module (pluggable markups).
  2. Develop a 3D deformable surface model markup that will be the base for resection planning tools.

Approach and Plan

  1. Discussion and design of new 3D Slicer markups infrastructure to enable pluggable markups.
  2. Development of new 3D deformable surface markups with new interaction (similar to the plane markups).

Progress and Next Steps

  1. A prototype of 3D deformable surfaces was already developed in the last NA-MIC week
  2. Preliminary discussions with the Slicer developers have been held to raise awareness of the problems and possibilities.


Background and References

  1. NorMIT-Plan at NA-MIC project week (january 2020)