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NA-MIC Project Weeks

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Key Investigators

Project Description

This project will continue the development of the Slicer-Liver extension that will be developed through the ALive project. The objective of the Slicer-Liver extension is to provide researchers with tools to perform liver analytics towards planning of liver interventions (resections, ablations). At this point in the project we need to port early prototypes of our resection planning algorithms into 3D Slicer.

3D Bezier Surface Markup

Early prototype of the resection planning module


  1. Integrate the components developed during the last ProjectWeek in a resection planning working prototype.

  2. Add a Slicer module for computation of liver vascular territories.

Approach and Plan

Liver resection planning module

  1. Integration of resection deformation and resection initialization.
  2. Add complex interactions (move groups of control points).
  3. Adding load/saving functionality.
  4. Development of distance measurements visualized in the resections using shaders.
  5. Add a GUI to manage resections.

Liver analysis module

  1. Creation of a new Slicer module.
  2. Implementation of end-points placement (markups).
  3. GUI to manage segments (add, remove, edit).
  4. Loading/saving vascular territories.


3D Bezier Surface Markup

Resection initialization

Resection planning

Progress and Next Steps

During Project Week, we have been able to add real-time computation of safety margins to our resection planning module, as well as create a new module for computation of vascular territories

Alt text

Our next step is to work on the user interface and the loading/saving functionality needed to make this a complete Slicer extension.

Background and References

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