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Statistical Shape Modeling with Slicer and ShapeWorks

Key Investigators

Presenter location: Online

Project Description

Statistical shape modeling (SSM) is fundamental for quantifying and understanding morphological variations correlated with various biological processes, such as morphogenesis, function, adaptation, and disease. SSM is can be used in impacts a wide spectrum of clinical applications, including pre- and post-operative surgical planning, reconstructive surgery, and design of optimal patient-specific implants and bone surrogates and spacers. Clinical research entailing large cohorts also benefits from population-level SSM.

As the need for SSM in clinical applications and large data analysis grows, the need for reliable and easy to use tools becomes more imminent. While technology and capabilities of SSM have continually expanded, we have focused the development of ShapeWorks on incorporating these latest technologies with UX and UI designed for ease-of-use. One of the products of this effort is an interface between ShapeWorks and Slicer through Slicer’s plugin architecture, expanding the capabilities of both tools.

We will a compile and present a series of tutorials of SSM tools to provide an introductory skillset to participants looking to incorporate SSM into their research or to broaden their understanding of the available technologies. We will offer tutorials using Slicer’s integration with ShapeWorks and advanced features implemented available in ShapeWorks. The planned tutorials will highlight SSM technology that allow beginners and advanced users of SSM to apply these techniques to their Slicer data processing pipelines.


We planned to impart training and knowledge of SSM and available tools to project participants to improve understanding and adoption of SSM technology. We also seek to understand the communities needs and suggestions for how to meet those needs with SSM.

Approach and Plan

Present an introductory presentation and series of tutorials for SSM, ShapeWorks, and its integration with Slicer. The planned presentations and tutorials are as follows:

Progress and Next Steps

  1. Stable distributions of ShapeWorks
  2. Alpha version Slicer Plugin
  3. Introduction to SSM and ShapeWorks
  4. ShapeWorks Bsic Usage, Slicer Plugin
  5. Consultations for individual shape modeling projects


ShapeWorks Pipeline Image

Session Recordings

Introduction to SSM and ShapeWorks

ShapeWorks Basic Usage, Slicer Plugin

Background and References