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Review of priorities and development planning of dcmqi

Key Investigators

Presenter location: Remote

Project Description

dcmqi (DICOM for Quantitative Imaging) is a free, open source C++ library for conversion between imaging research formats and the standard DICOM representation for image analysis results.

This library has been around for quite some time, and gained some adoption, but has not been actively developed for the past few years, but with the efforts of @michaelonken development restarted.

The goal of this project would be to discuss what, if anything, could be done to make it more usable and address any of the needs that users might have.


  1. Review any outstanding and new topics and feature requests
  2. Review issue tracker
  3. Review documentation

Approach and Plan

  1. discuss with @jcfr any topics related to the possible integration with ITK-Wasm dicom package
  2. revisit basic python wrapping, similar to pyplastimatch done by @denbonte
  3. clean up issue tracker
  4. discuss support of enhanced multiframe as SEG reference images and confirm understanding of the level of support of enhanced multiframe in Slicer/ITK (@michaelonken tried and failed to load any such images in Slicer)
  5. revisit documentation
  6. discuss interoperability testing with highdicom and dcmjs and maybe other tools.
  7. Help @JoostJM with possible integration into CaseIterator
  8. Discuss the use case for running conversion in absence of source image DICOM files, per request from @rfloca and as discussed in https://github.com/QIICR/dcmqi/issues/390.
  9. Discuss the process and schedule of upgrading dcmqi in MITK (@rfloca I did submit a PR, but not sure if those are reviewed? https://github.com/MITK/MITK/pull/279)

Progress and Next Steps

  1. Discussed revisions to API with Ralf, agreed on addressing https://github.com/QIICR/dcmqi/issues/390
  2. Revisited the topic of encoding background voxels, further discussions with David C will be needed https://github.com/QIICR/dcmqi/issues/490
  3. Confirmed with Ralf that github PRs to MITK is the proper mechanism for updating dcmqi version, current PR will be addressed
  4. Spent some time cleaning up issue tracker.
  5. Started revising documentation. Need further discussions with adopters (Cosmin, Leo, Dennis) to make further progress.


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