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NA-MIC Project Weeks

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MHub Tutorials and Structured Report Support

Key Investigators

Presenter location: Onsite

Project Description


  1. Objective A. Implement a new MHub core module to export non-segmentation data as DICOM Structured Report.
  2. Objective B. Offer support for interested developers explaining how to contribute models to MHub and how to use and configure MHub models for easy and reproducible research.

Approach and Plan

Objective A

  1. Examine the requirements and limitations of DICOM Structured Reports.
  2. Examine existing libraries and frameworks that can help in the creation of DICOM Structured Reports.
  3. Check to what extent the internal data representation of MHub complies with the requirements of DICOM Structured Reports and, if necessary, plan an extension of the internal data representation.

Objective B

  1. Organize a break-out session for all interested developers. We can provide tutorials and answer specific questions on request. It would be great to know who is interested in submitting a model to MHub or using MHub models and gather questions in advance to provide customized tutorials.

Other items suggested by @fedorov:

Progress and Next Steps

  1. Developers of MHub models must wrap all non-file outputs (e.g. prediction results or classification labels) in mhub-io objects and describe their semantics.
  2. MHub currently offers a JSONExporter module that can be used to query MHub’s internal data representation and generate a customizable json (or csv).

Results from PW40

  1. MHub SR Support
    1. We will start by adding support the TID1500 DICOM SR template.
    2. We will use parametrization of highdicom codes for simple annotation of model data.
  2. We developed new MHub tutorials for
    1. T1 - Run TotalSegmentator on IDC Collection
    2. T2 - Run Custom MHub Lung Segmentation Workflow on Chest CT in Nifti Format
  3. We now have a full documentation for contributions to MHUb (use-case tutorial will follow soon ;))
    1. How to Contribute a Model to MHub


MHub Submission Process

Slicer MHub Visualization

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