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IGTEasy A Beginners Quest into 3D Slicer and IGT with Quickstarts, Fixes, and Demos

Key Investigators

Presenter location: In-person

Project Description

Addressing the steep learning curve for beginners in 3D Slicer and Image-Guided Therapy (IGT) is crucial for fostering wider adoption and encouraging newcomers to explore the capabilities of these powerful tools. To mitigate the initial challenges, we propose a systemtic approach that includes the development of quickstart guides, a troubleshooting library, and the creation of demo projects.


  1. Facilitating the initiation of projects for students and newcomers to Slicer IGT.
  2. Synthesizing information from various tutorials.
  3. Introducing learning projects.
  4. Proposing solutions for the most common installation and configuration issues.

Approach and Plan

  1. Connect all tracking devices, including the installation and configuration of the appropriate drivers and software, and document each step thoroughly.
  2. Perform calibration steps for both the electromagnetic and optical tracking devices, and document the process.
  3. Attempt to replicate a working project on a different computer, documenting the steps taken.
  4. Review existing source documents and consolidate them into a single document, incorporating our documented experiences.
  5. Develop demo projects using the established infrastructure.
  6. Compile all issues encountered during these processes into a troubleshooting library.

Progress and Next Steps


  1. Setup a wiki page accessible online on https://slicer.scanstart.ro.
  2. Defined a workflow for starting with Slicer IGT
  3. Developed tutorials for Installing Optitrack(Motive), Trakstar(Cubes), Telemed(Ultrasound), Plus Server and 3D Slicer IGT
  4. Developed tutorials for the calibration of tools using the optical tracker, in English and French
  5. Explanations about Plus server, Scene recording, Transform Hierarchy
  6. Tested our doumented method with Marie, a newbee in 3D Slicer

Next steps:

  1. Perform the calibration with Trakstart Electromagnetic Tracker and create the coresponding tutorial
  2. Translate everything in Spanish
  3. Adding a tutorial for Metrics
  4. Adding a tutorial for developing a user interface


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Background and References

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