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Current state of DICOMweb for pathology

Key Investigators

Presenter location: In-person

Project Description

DICOMweb™ defines a set of RESTful services for web-based medical imaging with DICOM. This project aims at getting a detailed understanding of the capabilities of available (Python) libraries and tools that implement DICOMweb and how they facilitate working with pathology whole-slide images (WSI) via DICOMweb services. The summarized knowledge will be the basis for discussions and help to decide what further work makes sense (e.g. new library, contributing specific functionality to an existing library etc.).


  1. Objective A: Have a document (document A) describing capabilities of available tools.
  2. Objective B: Have a document (document B) summarizing discussions and plans for further work.

Approach and Plan

  1. Get practical experience with the libraries: wsidicom, dicomslide (both underlyingly using dicomweb_client).
  2. Set-up document A
  3. Set-up times to discuss during project week
  4. Summarize discussion in document B

Progress and Next Steps

  1. Prepared small Jupyter notebook here on how to get started with wsidicom vs. dicomslide to access data via DICOMweb
  2. Summarized capabilities of both libraries beyond DICOMweb in a Google Doc here.

Both will be updated/extended after the project week as relevant work and discussions goes on.


Conceptual overview of DICOMweb
Conceptual overview of DICOMweb. Taken from: https://www.dicomstandard.org/using/dicomweb/capabilities.

Background and References