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Contour Representation from Labelmaps - PolySEG in Cornerstone3D

Key Investigators

Presenter location: Online

Project Description

We’ve been working hard on implementing polySEG in cornerstone3D, and currently we have implemented the following converters in a PR under review in Cornerstone3D:

However, we still have two converters remaining that seem to be more complex: surface to contour and labelmap to contour. We’re excited to tackle these challenges and continue moving forward. This project aims to work on this.


  1. Finish the surface cutting in each slice in the viewport and provide proper API around it for precaching inside a webworker
  2. Try to implement two versions using our SVG rendering framework, and try to handle contour holes and islands

Approach and Plan

  1. Convert the representations to Surface and cut through them to render in viewports
  2. For editing, get the intersections and travers to find a closed loop polygon
  3. Try to identify holes in order to render them as holes

Progress and Next Steps

  1. I successfully completed the first task by using vtkClipClosedSurface to cut through the surface and render it as polyData within the viewport.
  2. Additionally, I implemented pre-caching of all slices within a web worker. This ensures that all cuts are calculated in advance, eliminating the need to wait for the user to scroll through each slice.

Next steps


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Background and References

https://github.com/PerkLab/PolySeg https://bitbucket.org/icrimaginginformatics/polyseg-wasm/src/master/