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NA-MIC Project Weeks

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Cloud-based app streaming for Slicer

Key Investigators

Presenter location: In-person

Project Description

We plan to create a service that simplifies using AWS for cloud-based app streaming of Slicer (with or without extensions, or a Slicer custom app), effectively resulting in a single-click launch of the desired Slicer distribution in a new tab in the web browser. In this project we are looking to gather requirements, expectations, limitations, or any kind of information we should take into account while planning and then developing the service.


  1. Objective A. Talk to as many interested people as possible about where and how they would use it, and what expectations they have about such service

Approach and Plan

  1. Small breakout session about Slicer in web
  2. Small breakout session about SlicerHub (Rafael Nebot)
  3. Demo of ImagineHive (Davide)

Progress and Next Steps

  1. Explored several existing use cases in the breakout sessions
  2. Learned a lot about possible approches and problems


Background and References