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NA-MIC Project Weeks

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Augmented reality experiments for cardiology imaging

Key Investigators

Presenter location: In-person

Project Description

Explore tools for clinician review and patient education using smartphone browser-based augmented reality. There are two possible scenarios we could support:


  1. Determine how much work would be required to make a system that could be tested in clinical scenarios
  2. See what other people’s experience has been in the feasibility and/or utility of such systems

A few of the features we’d like to explore:

Approach and Plan

  1. Review existing technologies for applicability for this use case
  2. Talk with Project Week attendees about similar needs and experiences
  3. If time, do some prototyping

Progress and Next Steps

  1. Resurrected WebServer tracker experiment
  2. Updated https support with custom certificate that can be uploaded to android phone
  3. Tried demo controlling volume rendering with phone
  4. Showed demo to other prooject week attendees using another another android phone
  5. Created a pull request to add demo to Slicer
  6. Discussed plans to make the demo into a more useful tool
    • Allow user to set relative position of themselves relative to the rendered scene
    • Use touch screen to control rendering modes and other elements in the Slicer scene
    • Transfer rendered images from Slicer to phone screen
    • Set up QR code so phone can easily access Slicer WebServer
    • Use websocket to minimize latency
    • Perform further testing, possibly as part of AR/VR developer courses
    • Define clinical scenarios and set up testing environment

WIP in this YouTube shorts link: https://youtube.com/shorts/JeNtDT1LF6k?feature=share


Background and References