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5D image IO support in Slicer

Key Investigators

Presenter location: In-person

Project Description

Slicer currently does not support reading/writing (IO) of 5D images. In the driving use case this means a sequence of vector volumes. This project is about continuing an existing effort to add such support into Sequences storage.


  1. Objective A. Keep developing the current implementation
  2. Objective B. Collecting use cases (what exactly to support in the first round)
  3. Objective C. Discussing implementation details

Approach and Plan

  1. Use ITK metadata dictionary to change last dimension from domain to time or other “list” type
  2. Start working on 5D image reading

Progress and Next Steps

  1. Build branch in Debug mode on laptop
  2. Metadata dictionary is ignored when writing, or at least the “kinds” information
  3. Investigate ITK and nrrd code to find a way to set the last “kind”
  4. Manually edit NRRD header and see what SimpleITK reads it as


Background and References