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OHIF deployment using Google Cloud Platform and Firebase

Key Investigators

Project Description

This project aims to document the instructions of deploying OHIF Viewer v2 on Google Cloud as a FireBase hosted application. Such hosted OHIF Viewer can be used to connect the viewer to Google Healthcare DICOM stores. The main motivation for this is to support users analyzing the data available in NCI Imaging Data Commons (IDC) in visualizing results of IDC data analysis.


  1. As simple as possible instructions of deploying OHIF Viewer
  2. Collect user feedback

Approach and Plan

  1. Go over the prerequisites (GCP OAuth, Firebase)
  2. Clean up the Colab notebook draft prepared earlier
  3. Prepare examples of populating a GCP Healthcare DICOM store with analysis results and visualizing those
  4. Update IDC documentation
  5. Collect feedback from anyone interested

Progress and Next Steps

Tutorial for the most part is completed, and (almost!) ready for testing - see here the google doc, which links to 2 colab notebooks that are intended to allow you to deploy the viewer without having to install any of the dev tools on your computer, and populate a cloud-based DICOM store.

Unfortunately, there are outstanding issues:


Background and References