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NA-MIC Project Weeks

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Investigation of Kaapana and XNAT as platforms for data management and collaborative research

Key Investigators

Project Description

We have installed the platforms on the Googe Cloud Virtual Machines. To investigate the functionalities, we populated the platforms with publicly available datasets.


Ultimately, our goal is to have a platform that can be used to support data management needs for internal research activities.

  1. Archival of DICOM images
  2. Flexible and extensible interface to explore archived data
  3. In-browser visualization of images and annotations
  4. In-browser segmentation of images
  5. Integration of analysis tools and their application to the data available in the platform

Approach and Plan

  1. Continue working on the evaluation of the platforms
  2. Connect with any of the groups that worked on either Kaapana or XNAT to share experience
  3. Meet with Kaapana maintainers to debug outstanding issues.
  4. Work on resolving issues in the GCP installation.
  5. Clarified status of XNAT OHIF plugin in the OHIF session (see minutes)

Progress and Next Steps

Current unresolved issues




Background and References