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Update the Echo Volume Render interface

Key Investigators

Project Description

In this project, we aim to rework the interface of the Echo Volume Render module in order to make it more intuitive and better adapted to clinical users’ needs.


Update and polish the module’s interface to improve its usability for clinical users.

Approach and Plan

  1. Have a good understanding of the Echo Volume Render’s parameters
  2. Get input from users on what could be improved (Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP))
  3. Compare the module with commercial platforms to see which 3DE parameters are familiar to clinicians
  4. Determine the modifications to be made to improve the interface
  5. Implement these modifications in the UI
  6. Send the updated interface to collaborators from CHOP to get feedback

Progress and Next Steps

  1. Discussion on previous versions of the module to understand the changes that have been made in the last 2 years
  2. Discussion with a collaborator from CHOP on aspects to be improved in the module
  3. Determined modifications that could potentially improve visualization of volume rendered 3DE :
    • Implement a Phase Symmetry filter to reduce noise in images while preserving anatomical details prior to volume rendering
    • Implement Gaussian filtering in the GPU


Echo Volume Render UI

Long-term Objectives

  1. Implement new features similar to TrueView and Glass from Philips
  2. Implement Color Doppler

Background and References