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XNAT: OHIF 2.0 and annotation workflows

Key Investigators

Project Description

XNAT 1.8 will be released December 21 with an upgraded viewer built on OHIF 2.0 (woohoo!). There’s still plenty of room for improvement, in particular to support more complex image annotation workflows.


  1. Identify and implement performance improvements, particularly in transferring content between XNAT and the viewer.
  2. Identify and implement format for capturing broader range of image annotations.
  3. Identify and implement storage of image annotations in XNAT.

Approach and Plan

  1. Performance improvements: Transfer DICOM series as a single request.
  2. Minimize hard coded views: Implement “hanging protocol”. Any bright ideas?
  3. Uniform storage of image annotations: Any bright ideas? Must support contours, segments, lines, boxes, text, templatized reports.

Progress and Next Steps

  1. TBD


4-up view with 3D objects Contours Clara AI-Assisted Annotation MPR Templatized reporting w/ radreport.org

Background and References