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Slicer Looking Glass

Key Investigators

Project Description

Kitware has partnered with Looking Glass Factory (LGF) to add support for LGF’s holographic displays from any VTK-based application including ParaView, 3D Slicer, and any custom application you create.


  1. Introduce Looking Glass Factory hardware
  2. Overview of Looking Glass Extension for 3D Slicer
  3. Review compatibility issues with VTK 9.0 and 3D Slicer LGF.
  4. Discuss research and clinical applications of holographic displays.

Approach and Plan

  1. Present LGF via videos and tutorials
  2. Evaluate current Slicer + VTK9.0 candidate for compatibility with current LGF Slicer extension.

Progress and Next Steps

  1. Create video for 5-minute presentation on Monday


  1. Slicer+LGF Short Video

Background and References

Looking Glass Factory

Looking Glass Factory SDK (HoloPlayCore):

Initial release of VTK + Looking Glass Factory:

How-to video for ParaView + Looking Glass Factory:

Github for VTK extension:

Github for Slicer extension: