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Slicer extension for guided medical interventions

Key Investigators

Project Description

SlicerIGT has been developed since 2012 as an extension for 3D Slicer to support navigated medical interventions. For more information, visit the SlicerIGT website.

Breakout room at 3 pm today (Dec 14) - Agenda and meeting notes


We will add a step-by-step tutorial on how to use recent modules for collecting tracked ultrasound data for AI training, and how to deploy trained AI models in ultrasound-guided interventions.

  1. Talk to everyone who would potentially use or contribute to real time ultrasound processing with AI
  2. Add slides to the tutorial website
  3. Create video that demonstrates the tutorial for YouTube

Approach and Plan

  1. SlicerIGT breakout session, exact time to be announced

Progress and Next Steps

  1. Describe specific steps you have actually done.


Background and References