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Updates on SlicerHeart (tools cardiac analysis, quantification, and planning)

Key Investigators

Project Description

SlicerHeart extension contains tools for cardiac image import (3D/4D ultrasound, CT, MRI), quantification, and implant placement planning and assessment.


The goal for SlicerHeart project for this project week is to let people interested in cardiac applications know about what SlicerHeart can be used for now and what are the features that will be released publicly soon.

Approach and Plan

  1. Create project page that provides good overview of the project
  2. Overview presentation on Monday
  3. Presentation/discussion of any details depending on interest

Progress and Next Steps

  1. Create project page
  2. Confirm presentation/demo schedule


Valve segmentation

Valve quantification

Virtual reality

Phsyical modeling

Valve repair simulation

Background and References