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Open Anatomy Project

Key Investigators

Project Description

The Open Anatomy Project is a technology, research, and social effort to make high quality medical data widely available, for free. The project web site, https://openanatomy.org , includes free 3D atlases of the human anatomy. The site has been visited by more than 36,000 unique users from 224 countries since October 2018.

In the past year, we have seen increasing interest from the world-wide community to publish new atlases on the web site. We are excited about this opportunity to connect expert anatomists to those people who can benefit from this data, particularly at this time when so many people are using virtual educational tools.


  1. Publish several new atlases from Senegal and Mauritania.
  2. Connect with members of the 3D Slicer community who would like to create atlases.
  3. Work with the 3D Slicer technical community to improve the infrastructure that will make atlas publication easier. Specifically:
    • Efficient image loading and display
    • Export from Slicer

Approach and Plan

  1. Talk to all my friends….

Progress and Next Steps


Background and References