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NA-MIC Project Weeks

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Key Investigators

Project Description

MONAI is a PyTorch-based, open-source framework for deep learning in healthcare imaging, part of PyTorch Ecosystem. Its ambitions are:


  1. Introduce Monai
  2. Datasets and DataLoaders for participating in Challenges and using pubic data collections
  3. Transforms for data pre-processing and augmentation
  4. Participating in a deep learning challenge in 10 lines of python
  5. Integration into clinical workflows: MONAI + Nvidia CLARA
  6. Ongoing efforts: Model Zoo

Approach and Plan

  1. Present MONAI
  2. Advertise resources for support and training (including resources for hackathons / datathons)

Progress and Next Steps

  1. YouTube: 5-minute presentation on Monday
  2. 1 hours presentation on Wednesday


Background and References