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NA-MIC Project Weeks

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NCI Imaging Data Commons

Key Investigators

Project Description

National Cancer Institute (NCI) Imaging Data Commons (IDC) is a cloud-based resource within NCI Cancer Research Data Commons (CRDC) that connects researchers with cancer imaging datasets, resources for exploring those datasets and identifying relevant cohorts, and other components of CRDC that will host additional data types and support computation on the defined cohorts.

Project inroductory slides


  1. Raise awareness of the NCI Imaging Data Commons within the NA-MIC community.
  2. Collect feedback about the current and desired features of IDC from the NA-MIC community.

Approach and Plan

  1. Present a brief demo of IDC.
  2. Summarize main pointers related to IDC.
  3. Be available for one-on-one discussions with the interested participants during project week.
  4. Summarize collected feedback, if any.

Progress and Next Steps

  1. Describe specific steps you have actually done.


Background and References