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ePAD/Slicer Bridge and Segmentation Plugin

Key Investigators

Project Description

Open dockerized Slicer from ePad, open segmentation plugin and save the segmetation back to ePad


  1. Trigger openning dockerized Slicer from ePad
  2. Open the series in Slicer
  3. Open segmentation plugin
  4. Send the segmentation back to dicomweb server

Approach and Plan

  1. Leverage the work done in Boston hackfest 2016 and update it to align with new dicomweb server
  2. Trigger Slicer CIP plugin
  3. Get the segmentations back

Progress and Next Steps

  1. Update SlicerChronicle to python3 and Slicer 4.11
  2. Generalize plan to work with locally running Slicer with Chronicle enabled (same code will work with cloud Slicer with or without docker container)
  3. Update json job request file format
  4. Test with local dicomweb-server
  5. Add a button to ePad to trigger Slicer using Slicer Chronicle
  6. Generate Slicer Chronicle JSON to trigger CIP and send to segmentation-server


Slicer button in ePad

Background and References

[Previous integration work in Boston Hackfest 2016] (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1BIQHLheqYhsfeHhCTVtid5bZMVywlo1UmeK6-ZmHeq8/edit?usp=sharing)