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Improvements to ctkDICOMDatabase

Key Investigators

Project Description

The ctkDICOMDatabase is a component used both in 3D Slicer as well as the MITK Workbench to manage local DICOM files and offer a UI for browsing these files as well as getting data from a PACS using DICOM C-FIND, C-MOVE and C-GET. Recently the UI has been improved thanks to Andras Lasso (1, 2), and on previous project weeks there were first experiments on adding DICOM-Web support.

Current Slicer nightly:

DICOM Browser


  1. Objective A. Integrate the recent UI improvements into the MITK Workbench
  2. Objective B. Make the ctkDICOM executables work again as a development testbed and simple C++-based DICOM client.
  3. Objective C. Investigate different options for DICOM-Web support: qRestSDK, cpprestsdk, using JavaScript within C++ ; show a prototype for a simple QIDO and WADO example

Approach and Plan

  1. Update CTK Version in MITK and fix problems.
  2. Explore the status of the ctkDICOM and ctkDICOM2 executables.
  3. Continue efforts on C++-based DICOM-Web

Progress and Next Steps

  1. Updated the CTK version used in MITK, fixed some small interface changes
  2. Debugged the changed behaviour when using in-memory databases and changing the MITK integration. Tested using various collections including DICOM-SEG generated by MevisLab provided by @hmeine
  3. Verified the ctkDICOM and ctkDICOM2 executables, ctkDICOM2 is the way to go, ctkDICOM would need some work to make it useful again


MITK Workbench showing the updated CTK DICOM Browser

Background and References