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SlicerAstro Update

Key Investigators


A list of bugs to fix (and enhancement to do) to update SlicerAstro to the current version of 3DSlicer is reported in SlicerAstro issue 106.


Address SlicerAstro issue 106

Approach and Plan

Prioritize items in the to do list and implement them.

Progress and Next Steps

High priority:

Low priority:

Last two points will be addressed later on (tickets: 107 and 108).

All the 13 SlicerAstro modules are updated and properly working with current Slicer master branch (23/01/2020)!


Background and References

SlicerAstro extends 3DSlicer to provide a 2D/3D interactive viewer for astronomical datasets with 3D interaction features, based on traditional 2D input/output hardware, and visual analytics capabilities.

For more information refer to this link.