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Sarcopenia Quantification in Abdominal MR Images

Key Investigators

Project Description

In the context of our end-stage liver disease collaboration, we always planned to assess sarcopenia by measuring the erector spinae at a certain height.


(Since this is just one of many projects, we don’t expect to get everything done this week.)

Approach and Plan

Progress and Next Steps

  1. Set up an annotation tool (SATORI) on the MEVIS cluster
  2. Looked at the data together, determined suitability of CE 3D VIBE sequence for this
  3. Annotated left & right erectors on a few cases (two cases with many slices, and one slice on a dozen more cases)
  4. Verified annotations with Ron
  5. Set up a training for that segmentation task, using the above sparse annotations
  6. Set up inference, apply the model to some data

The slice selection task was not tackled yet at all.



Background and References