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NA-MIC Project Weeks

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Key Investigators

Project Description

Planning work for Imaging Data Commons work with OHIF Viewer technologies


  1. Review current features and plans for OHIF
  2. Review IDC plans/requirements in the near and long term
    1. IDC MVP requirements
    2. Interaction among IDC participants with other OHIF groups such as
      1. ISB for integration with web app
      2. GDIT for testing
      3. Transparency of priorities and allocation of shared acknowledgement
  3. Review open issues
  4. Interact with the community of people with a possible interest in IDC

Approach and Plan

  1. James and Erik give Ron demos of the latest functionality
  2. Ron provides feedback and describes is wishlist
  3. Capture new plans and issues in github or other places as appropriate

Progress and Next Steps

  1. Demo of current OHIF implementation
  2. Discussion of priorities and development paths
  3. General agreement that things are developing well and no changes in plan are needed (just more hard work!)
  4. Igor updated the UI so we can get on with segmentation development on the master branch of OHIF soon!



Background and References