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Secure Interface between KHEOPS and OHIF

Key Investigators

Project Description

The KHEOPS image sharing platform needs to be able to be able to open the OHIF viewer in a secure fashion.

Currently KHEOPS launches OHIF by passing a capability URL from which OHIF can obtain the list of DICOM objects that need to be downloaded. In order to be able to take full advantage of OHIF, and in particular the newer annotation functionallity being added to OHIF, it would be beneficial if OHIF could be granted read/write access directly using a DICOMweb interface to the study data.

KHEOPS has a built-in mechanism called Report Providers that works in a way that is similar to OAuth 2.0 to give an external website read/write access to a DICOM study. We plan on implementing functionality analogous to the OIDC Hybrid Flow to make it possible to securly launch OHIF from KHEOPS using the Report Provider API.


  1. Provide the DICOMweb URL to OHIF on launch along with an Authorization Code.
  2. Have OHIF use the KHEOPS token endpoint to exchange the authorization code for an Access Token.
  3. Have OHIF use the Access Token for all futher DICOMweb access to the KHEOPS DICOMweb URL.

Approach and Plan

Progress and Next Steps


Background and References