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Software for Annotation and Anatomy (AEVA)

Key Investigators

Project Description

THe goal of this project is to introduce the 3D Slicer community to the Computational Model Builder, and our new efforts to extend its functionality in the medical image domain

CMB is an open source platform for creating and running simulations based on 3D mesh models. It provides many powerful tools for mesh annotation (terminology, cell selection, etc). However, it currently does not have support for reading image data or generating meshes directly from images. We are currently working on adding that support, with the goal of making the CMB framework usabe in medical image contexts.


  1. Introduce the 3D Slicer community to the possible usefulness of CMB
  2. Implement image data reading, display, and basic segmentation (thresholding, etc)

Approach and Plan

  1. Discuss / demo the CMB platform
  2. Integrate ITK into the CMB plaform
  3. Integrate display of oriented image data in VTK
  4. Basic thresholding

Progress and Next Steps

  1. Integrated ITK image reader
  2. Integrated 3D Slicer display - no orientation yet
  3. Some productive discussion about Paraview vs. Slicer


Slices displayed in cmb Slices displayed in cmb

Current orienation state - incorrect Current orienation state - incorrect

Background and References