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Interactive medical simulation toolkit (IMSTK) integration

Key Investigators

Project Description

For this project, we are working on integrating the Interactive Medical Simulation Toolkit (iMSTK) into a Slicer extension.


Our goal for project week is to have a working extension that demos an iMSTK simulation

Approach and Plan

  1. Build iMSTK libraries through a superbuild extension
  2. Create a loadable module that initializes an iMSTK simulation
  3. Link that simulation inputs/outputs to Slicer
  4. Display the progress of the simulation through Slicer

Progress and Next Steps

  1. iMSTK Superbuild extension: 90% functioning, some remaining issues wth tbb linking
  2. CollisionSimulation Module: Can load two arbitrary volumetic meshes for a gravity based collision, allows for setting key parameters through GUI
  3. Initial work on connecting Slicer transforms to iMSTK devices
  4. Next step: finish CMake changes to allow building on factory
  5. Next step: add a tool interaction demo


Demo using data from the Placeta flattening project

Placenta before collapse Placenta before collision.

Placenta during collapse Placenta during collision.

Background and References

iMSTK Home Page

iMSTK Git Repository

SlicerIMSTK Extension Repository