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NA-MIC Project Weeks

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OpenIGTLinkIO Development

Key Investigators

Project Description

See earlier project weeks for a complete description:


Publish an online standard for sending ultrasound sector information with OpenIGTLink.

Approach and Plan

  1. This project week we should formalize the “standards” for ultrasound sector information from earlier project weeks. Support for this has been built into PLUS, CustusX and Ibis Neuronav, but a specification should be made and published on OpenIGTLinkIO / IGSIO web page.
    • Review and update command specifications
    • Review and update ultrasound sector information (IGSIO web page)

Progress and Next Steps

Updated the IGSIO web page with a short description of the current standard for sending ultrasound sector information as meta data in OpenIGTLink image messages, as well as the current format for set/get ultrasound parameter command messages.


Background and References