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NA-MIC Project Weeks




Registration Fee: €300.

Register here.


Ask questions and get latest updates

Visit project-week community on Slicer Forum to get latest updates on the event or ask any questions from organizers or other project week participants.

To get notifications about new posts automatically, sign in with Google, GitHub, Facebook, or email, go to project-week category page, click on the circle button near the top-right corner (next to “New Topic” button), and choose “Watching”.

ERASMUS mobility information

  1. Please, contact your ERASMUS Office at your home institution to check how to prepare an application. At the same time, please, let us know that you’re willing to apply and what project you’d like to work on and your motivation to come in an email to Juan Ruiz Alzola, Maria Dolores Afonso Suarez, Asmaa Skareb.

  2. In order to prepare the application:

  1. The application will be processed by the host center and the outcome will be reported in a few days.

Frequently Asked Questions