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NA-MIC Project Weeks

Contributing Project Pages

Creating new project pages

With the Project Week GitHub Issue page, you have three options to create your Project Page:

  1. Create a Proposal issue: If you have an idea for a project page but are not quite ready to create it yet, you can create a “Proposal” issue. You will still need to create a project page later.

  2. Create a Project issue: If you are ready to create your page, you can simply create a “Project” issue. This issue will allow you to fill out a convenient form to provide the necessary details. The Project Week website team will then review the issue and trigger the page creation pull request.

  3. Create the project page yourself using the template: If you prefer to create the Project Page yourself, you can still do so by using the provided template and submitting a pull request.

Project Creation Tips

Updating existing project pages

Here are the steps using the GitHub web interface:

  1. Navigate to your project’s README.md on the GitHub website. For instance, if you want to update a project called YourProjectName, visit the URL like the following:

  2. Click the edit button, as shown in this screenshot: Screenshot 2023-06-12 10 43 35

  3. You can now edit the page, add images by dragging and dropping, and more.

  4. Once done, click “Commit Changes”, and follow the instructions to create a fork and a pull request to add your changes to the webpage. See this screenshot for reference: Screenshot 2023-06-12 10 50 50

Videos in project pages

Here are some steps to make sure all of your awesome videos render correctly:

  1. Videos added by drag and drop will render correctly when viewed through GitHub, but need some extra tweaks to work in the final generated website.

    In your README.md, if you have a video link that looks like this:


    Update it to:

       controls muted
       style="max-height:640px; min-height: 200px">
  2. Links to externally hosted videos (such as YouTube) will need an iframe.




     <iframe width="420" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/ZWxE5QcGvE8">