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Slicer Pipelines v2

Key Investigators

Presenter location: Online

Project Description

Slicer Pipelines is a framework to support the creation of workflows (Pipelines) inside of slicer. It allows users to attach a variety of slicer operations with pipeline support to each other and create a module that can then be executed on its own. Pipelines v2 is based on the work that Connor and others did with the ParameterWrapper.


  1. Adapt the PipelineCaseIterator to the new pipeline architecture

Approach and Plan

  1. Basic refactoring so that PipelineCaseIterator runs with a simple test case
  2. Move from allowing single input directory to driving input through csv file
  3. Adapt the output side of the case iterator to support multiple values
  4. Write output data into csv file
  5. Test with different pipelines

Progress and Next Steps

  1. Refactoring has been done, basic CaseIterator runs with test pipeline
  2. CSV files can be read to drive input parameters
  3. Name and store nodes for pipelines that produce multiple nodes
  4. Write results.csv with scalar ouput values and result node paths


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Background and References