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Automatic Registration Intra Oral Scan

Key Investigators

Presenter location: In-person

Project Description

This project propose a tool to automatically register intra oral scan of upper jaw. The method can register growth and non-growing patient. The registration method is based on neural network to create a region of interest on the palate, and ICP (Iterest Closest Point) to register. The neural network has been trained with extraction and non-extraction case, growing and non-growing patient to have robust neural network. We will leave the option to the users to also register the mandible by applying the transformation matrix of the maxilla to the mandible.

The actual code is on this repository.


  1. Start to implement automatic registration of IOS in Slicer
  2. Deploy Areg

Approach And Plan

  1. Find a method to perform Automatic Registration of IOS
  2. Train a neural network to create a region of interest
  3. Implement automatic registration for region of interest

Progress and Next Steps


  1. Method and script working
  2. User Interface

Next Steps

  1. Implement the method in Areg
  2. Deploy Areg in SlicerAutomatedDentalTools to be available to all users


Screenshot from 2023-06-09 11-45-14

Region of interest make by neural network

Screenshot from 2023-06-09 13-48-29

Legend :