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Automatic Quantification 3D Components

Key Investigators

Presenter location: In-person

Project Description

The Automatic Quantification 3D Components(AQ3DC) was developed during Namic-project 37 is now available in Slicer Q3DC extension.

The Automatic Quantification 3D Components(AQ3DC) aims to provide a user-friendly automated tool that decrease user time for extraction of quantitative image analysis features. AQ3DC is a Slicer extension to automatically compute lists of measurements selected by users for a single case or a whole study sample, at one or more time points. The current implementation is aimed at automatic computation of 3D components like distances (AP, RL and SI) between points, points to line, midpoint between two points or angles (Pitch, Roll and Yaw), interpretation of directionality,which can be further extended to any type of desired computation/quantitative image analysis. The design of the user interface is currently aimed at quantification of craniofacial dental, skeletal and soft tissue structures.


  1. Renaming function and variable
  2. Create Documentation for developer
  3. Find bugs

Progress and Next Steps


  1. Resolve few issues
  2. Ranaming most of the function

Next Steps

  1. Improve readability of the code
  2. Create Documentation for developer


1. Slicer Interface

Screenshot from 2022-06-30 18-31-37

2. List of measurements exported.

Screenshot from 2022-06-30 18-29-01

3. Results of the computation for all the list of measurement for a sample of patient.

Screenshot from 2022-06-30 19-01-23

4. Skeletal measurements signs meaning.


5. Linear measurements signs meaning.


6. Angular measurements signs meaning.